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Their Significance, and Etiquette Advice for Sending the Finest Condolences Flower

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Their Significance, and Etiquette Advice for Sending the Finest Condolences Flower

Although it can be difficult to know what to say to someone who has lost a loved one, delivering flowers is a meaningful gesture that adds beauty and comfort to a difficult situation. Yet, it's equally vital to think about the colour and significance of the sympathy flower you're giving, in addition to the sort of flower you're presenting. For you to create a lovely arrangement that will help you convey your condolences flower delivery, we've put together a list of the top sympathy flowers below, along with descriptions of what their hue can mean. So that you may be certain you're delivering your flowers at the appropriate time to the appropriate location, we've included a section on condolence etiquette.


Colour Meanings of Funeral Flowers

When making your condolence flower arrangements, you should think about the various colours and their respective meanings before deciding on the kind of flowers you want to send. If you're having trouble deciding on a flower's hue, use the tips below to help you make the right decision for your loved ones:

Red is a traditional gift for bereaved families since it stands for beauty and love. Send Flowers Malaysia to express your affection is advised if you know someone who recently lost a loved one.

White is the most popular colour for sympathy flowers because it represents new beginnings and remembering. It can also stand for innocence and purity, which is fitting for the death of a kid or young person.

In times of darkness, the colour yellow can stand for light and optimism. Flowers in this colour can also stand for companionship and warmth, yet no number of flowers will be able to cheer someone depressed.

Pink flowers are a lovely present for people who have lost a wife or mother since they stand for femininity and elegance.

Purple can be a wonderful method to let the family know that you care about them and that you'll always be there for them. Many individuals value its representation of loyalty and respect.


Flowers Sent in Sympathy: Their Meaning

Now that you know what each colour means, you may choose the sympathy flower that will be most appropriate for the specific occasion or circumstance. For your convenience, we've put together a list of the top sympathy and Condolence Flower KL.


Carnations are renowned for their distinctive aroma and lovely ruffled petals. These flowers are frequently used in memorial bouquets as well as funeral wreaths. Consider sending pink carnations to honor the memories of the deceased person or red carnations to assure the family that you will always be there for them.



These unusual flowers also referred to as mums, have various connotations throughout the world that ought to be taken into account while making a sympathy bouquet. Asian cultures consider white chrysanthemums as a representation of mourning, whereas European cultures perceive them as a representation of death and only place them on graves or during memorial services. Chrysanthemums are commonly thought of as cheery flowers in the United States that celebrate the life of the departed loved one.



Since those lilies are frequently connected to beginnings and new chapters, they make lovely funeral tributes. These flowers serve as a nice reminder to the family that their loved one won't be forgotten and to focus on a fresh perspective on life. The lily represents restored innocence for the soul of the deceased in Christian symbolism.



Because they may live a lot longer than other flowers can, orchids symbolize eternal love. It can be challenging to choose the best orchids because there are several varieties. The most popular selection for sympathy flowers is pink and white orchids, which stand for innocence, remembrance, and memories.


Final Words

You must carefully schedule your delivery if you're sending flowers to a funeral or memorial ceremony to ensure that they reach you on time. In contrast, there is no set period for sending flowers to a residence. However, some people may need time to absorb, so you may want to wait a few weeks or months before ordering sympathy flowers. The grieving would likely appreciate your support if you show it soon after the death.

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