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What are the things to look for when buying a Center flow seed box?

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Summary: The CenterFlow Seed Box container has been the top option for storage and dispensing in agricultural applications nationwide for many years. 

This plastic hopper container is perfect for storing and dispensing corn, grain, and other crop vegetables due to its center discharge, undeniable strength, variety of size options, and smooth interior. Due to the same features, the Seed Box is a fantastic choice for handling resin and other flowable materials. Although "seed" appears in the name, adaptability is the strong suit of a Seed Bin

Check out things that you need to consider before buying a center flow seed box. 

Center for Gravity-Fed Systems

The interior of Flow Seed boxes features a seamless, 35-degree angled chute. This style of bottom discharge is perfect for controlling the dispensing of small contents like resins, powders, and pellets because it has a gravity-fed system. It can also get rid of the item.

Additionally, it can prevent product loss due to contamination or a subsequent transfer. The contents of the Center flow seedbox can be quickly and easily emptied in less than 30 seconds, thanks to the slide gate on the side of the container. One can also use IBC containers for this purpose. Still, they need a liner, valves, and other moving parts that make operating the hopper bottom much simpler and more effective.

The capacity of the center flow seed box

The CenterFlow Seed Boxes have a capacity of 1,000–3,000 lbs. of product, depending on the box size. These weight limits are valid for both storage and transportation of the container. The Seed Boxes offer security to workers and take up less floor space than drums. Since they can be stacked safely on top of one another, these applications typically use a cage or bottle-shaped bin.

Storage that Nests Effectively

The Center flow seed box Hopper Bottoms can also be "nested" when empty to further reduce space requirements. The ring of the bin can be taken off, turned around 180 degrees, and then "nested" over the base portion at the bottom. You can at least double your floor space by doing this.

This bottom hopper container can protect your product, reduce the number of moving parts, increase warehouse space, and provide a long-term solution to your issue in both agricultural and industrial applications.

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Transcom International Inc
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