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The Important Role of Salesforce Data Cleaning

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The Important Role of Salesforce Data Cleaning

Salesforce is a CRM software. Thus, it has volumes of customer data stored in its cloud. But with regular processing of the database with multiple data entries, the data gets disrupted. Or one can say the data becomes bad and its accuracy gets hampered.

So, what’s dirty data? If your database has a collection of duplicate, incorrect, or missing data. Whereas due to wrong entry of data or repeated entry of data or sourcing of data from multiple sources, data becomes cluttered and the correct data assessment becomes a problem. Then all these elements fall under the purview of dirty data. Henceforth, the top 10 salesforce development companies in India are emphasizing the need for data cleaning.

Incorrect and incomplete data can be the biggest hassle for your organization. Thus, to get rid of this problem, seek assistance from Salesforce development services in India. The massive database requires cleansing as cluttered data brings about several issues and declines business performance. Hence, cleaning your data is vital and crucial for business growth.

Here, are the steps of our Salesforce data cleaning process:

Our objective for Salesforce data cleaning is to improve customer relationships and generate leads so that businesses can achieve their business goal. An appropriate data structure or database helps in running successful marketing campaigns. Therefore, be productive with Salesforce development services in India and enhance your business performance.

Removing Duplicate Errors

As a Salesforce consulting company in India, we eliminate repeated data entry which in turn clears the storage space and assists in improving customer service. Additionally, with the use of several advanced tools, we remove duplicate data and merge it into the required database. While the process of data validation is executed to check data accuracy.

Eliminating Wrong E-mail Addresses

The incorrect e-mail addresses can cause major obstruction in marketing campaigns. Therefore, the top 10 salesforce development companies in India identify the bogus e-mail and clears the junked space from Salesforce.

Our data cleansing process involves structuring the data into formatted rules. Herein we add, edit and delete the e-mail for data cleansing. Likely, we also review the pattern in e-mail id entry errors or check the source of data.

Contact Salesforcy for Salesforce Data Cleaning

Data Cleaning is not a one-time task, rather it requires regular attention to it. Therefore, get your data cleaned professionally from Salesforce consulting company in India, monthly, quarterly, yearly, or every six months. As we create the right data quality standards for you. And improve the accuracy of your database.

Bad data can disrupt your future business goals. The bigger the data, the more it’s prone to mistakes and errors in it. Hence, have an automated data cleaning process and improve your business performance by taking data-driven decisions. Whereas with the Salesforce audit tool, we identify the major areas of issues in data and thereafter, we formulate the strategic process of data cleaning.

So, without much ado have a consultation with Salesforcy team and move ahead in the direction of data cleaning. 

Sales Forcy
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