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How To Get Your Song On The Radio In 5 Steps?

How To Get Your Song On The Radio In 5 Steps?

Are you one of those who has been spending hours making music, yet nobody listens to it? Well, that is a sad story, and let us tell you that you're not the only one. 

Many musicians struggle with getting radio play and sending their music to radio stations. Usually, this process involves sending CDs, print cover letters, and many bubble envelopes, researching the different radios, getting in touch with the right people, and paying shipping fees.

Read on as we decode the process of how to get your song on the radio in five easy steps. 

Step 1: Create the magic

Ain’t no song to be published on the radio if you haven’t made it. So, the first step is to get the music ready for submission. Not just that, many people suggest you prepare an entire profile around your music work to give a good impression in front of the radio stations and people selecting the final picks. 

Nowadays, about 95% of the music is submitted digitally to radio stations, so it is suggested to have both offline and online forms to submit your song to the radio station.

Step 2: Research a lot

There will be several music stations on your mind, and deciding on them can be challenging too. A strong suggestion here would be to go for a radio station that best fits your music's vibe. 

For instance, if you submit a song to a radio station that is commercial– you will find it to be a big brand that plays ads. Moreover there will be technicalities like whether or not a particular song increases their ratings. One of the best ways to attract commercial radio is to be active online, through gigs and the media.

On the contrary, non-commercial radio stations are smaller and don't play any ideas. These radio stations run mainly by music lovers, and you must submit your song now to gain their attention.

Step 3: Send the music properly

Yep! You heard this right. If you don't submit your music in a proper format or manner, there is a high chance that the radio stations will not take you seriously. On this account, your submission must be high quality, and you should be educated enough while sending out the music. 

We suggest you send out your song similarly like big promoters and labels or even as international artists. These efforts would go a long way in making your music project very professional.

Step 4: Be patient and repeat

Your whole music submission process should aim to have fun and put your best foot forward. So, try for a personalized type of music for every radio station. Each submission should be unique from the other one and should be short.

Post submission, please wait a few days and give them a chance to analyze your music. If you don't receive a response in the coming time, go ahead and repeat your submission.

Step 5: Prepare for the rejection

The music industry is a quick-to-change sector and sometimes getting the big break isn't easy. So, while you try out and send submissions to several radio stations, be prepared for the worst and an eventual failure. 

You can take the help of the highly convenient Radio Play Today tool, which will allow you to submit to websites and labels through a super easy form fill. 

This process involved going for a monthly program and sending a song every 30 days. Musicians will receive an email when it's time to see the next song. Because of this persistence, you can send more than one song and even have greater chances of success. 

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