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How Much Does an Android App Development Cost in India?

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How Much Does an Android App Development Cost in India?

Android apps are gaining tremendous popularity across all industry domains. Nowadays, people are using their digital phones more than ever.

Having a mobile app has become essential for businesses to expand their reach and establish good customer relationships.

Now, you must be thinking about how to develop a mobile app and what is the cost of creating an app

This blog will discuss in-depth about android app development cost in India and the factors to consider. 

Different factors involved in the App development cost India 

1. Platforms 

Mobile apps are developed on several platforms. Each platform has different characteristics, and the price range varies according to that. 

On average, iOS app development costs starts from $10k, while android app development cost starts from $5k. 

Some of the popular mobile application development platforms are Native ($20-$25) , React Native ($15-$25), Xamarin ($20-$25), and Flutter.

The basic app development cost in India depends on the platform that you choose. 

2. App features:

The cost to make an app depends on the features that you want to incorporate, basic or complex. 


  • API Integration
  • Database Integration
  • Social Media Integration


  • Geo Locations
  • Chat Application
  • Device Integration (Bluetooth) 
  • IOT

Apps with simple features are easier to build and don’t cost much, whereas apps with complex features cost high. 

Apps with complex features like geolocation, sensor usage, offline mode, etc., help to build a solid customer base.

However, these days, businesses include complex features to make the apps more dynamic. 

3. Development Tools

Now, in this section, we will discuss three different types of apps.

  • Native Apps (Swift – iOS, Kotlin – Android)

Native apps are developed on a single platform. The native iOS apps or native android apps operate on some specific operating systems. 

These app features are non-changeable, so their codes cannot be reused. The native apps price range can go up to $100k. 

  • Web Apps (PWA)

Today, most of the people prefer to browse on web apps than websites because of their convenience.

Web apps can be accessed via the Internet and can perform all actions on users’ devices.

The approximate cost of web app development can go between $500 to $5000. 

  • Hybrid Apps (Flutter, React Native, Xamarin) 

A hybrid app has the features of both native and web apps. Although these apps look quite similar to native apps.

The highlight of these apps is that they can be built quickly, load fast and give high ROI. 

The hybrid app development cost goes somewhere between $10,000 to $50,000.

4. Development Team  

Hiring the right team of professionals for your mobile app development is important.

The proficiency and expertise of your team can help you get things done faster. 

However, the mobile app development cost depends on the experience and expertise of the developers you choose. The cost of the app development team differs from company to company. 

Outsourcing an app development team is much cheaper than doing it in-house by employing a team.

5. Maintenance Costs 

Once you have developed an app, that’s not all! You must constantly change or upgrade your app according to marketing trends.

Usually, the app maintenance costs go up to 15-20% of the total costs of building an app

You must be thinking about why to update or maintain an app. Up-dating an app is vital to remove any bugs or issues that might hamper the functionality.

Android Mobile App development cost based on Application type 

Mobile apps differ based on their features, use, and technology stacks. We have given below mobile app making cost based on the application type. 

Basic Applications 

A basic application is a simple app with easy features. Example of a basic app is calculator, and an audio or video player app.

This application type barely has five to six pages, and a backend isn’t required for a network connection. 

Basic application development doesn’t cost much compared to complex apps.

  • Native App Cost: Under $15,000
  • Hybrid App Cost: Under $12,000

Authentication App 

The apps with a one-step login and authentication process are a bit complex. The more you add intricate features, the cost of making an app amplifies. 

Two major examples of authentication apps are McDonald’s loyalty app and Google drive. 

You need to set up a professional development team for this type of app with complex features.

App Cost: $60,000+

Data-driven Applications 

You must have used apps for calendars, weather updates, maps, etc. These apps are called data-driven apps.

Data-driven apps require a strong database at the backend to function smoothly.

This type of android app development price is on the higher end due to its ability to integrate with third-party services.

App Cost: $15,000+ 

E-Commerce apps serve a large customer base and thus require a robust backend.

These customer-engaging apps essentially need an admin panel to manage app pages, payments, user orders, and complex infrastructure.

Examples of E-Commerce apps are Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Alibaba, and much more. 

App Cost: $60,000+

On-Demand App 

On-demand apps are alike E-Commerce apps and have functionalities like login, call, chat, payment, delivery, user feedback, and much more.

There are many popular on-demand apps like Uber, UberEATS, and Postmates. 

The cost of developing an app like this depends on the development timeline. 

App Cost: $70,000-$10,000

Marketplace App 

A marketplace app owns some of the features of both on-demand and eCommerce applications.

The central concept of a marketplace app is demand and supply. Some examples are TripAdvisor and Booking.com. 

The development process of these apps takes time, and they need to be refined regularly. This increases the overall project cost along with the maintenance cost. 

App Cost: $300,000+

IoT and Hardware App 

IoT and hardware apps help in connecting physical items with digital technologies, for example, Amazon, Beacons, Dash Buttons, and WeMo. 

These apps can be called intelligent tools such as home assistance devices, pet collars, etc.

The backend of IoT and hardware apps need to be carefully developed and maintained to ensure the stability and functionality of the app. 

App Cost: $60,000+

App Development in India 

How much it cost to develop an app in India?

Android application development cost in India depends on the multifarious factors mentioned above. However, it is essential that you choose the right app development company for your project.

Outsourcing your app development in India can help you reduce recruitment hassle and project timeline. 

App development cost in India is low due to the availability of developers at affordable rates.  

Sphinx Solutions is a leading and trusted app development company in India. You can get the best app for your business at cost-effective rates. 


How much does it cost to develop an Android app?

Based on the project requirements, the average cost of making an android application is about $20,000 to $300,000. Multiple factors like UI/UX, features, development time & more play a huge role in estimating the cost of Android app development.

Which company is best for Android app development?

Sphinx Solutions. As a reputable and reliable android app development agency, Sphinx helps you build high-quality Android applications for all your business needs. With more than 12 years of industry experience, they also have a solid focus on user experience & help you to build attractive and user-friendly applications.

How do I choose an Android app development service?

The world of App Development is booming and plenty of companies are offering a range of Android app development services with increased potential. Here are some tips to choose the best company.

1. Professionalism

2. Cost & value

3. Research

4. App development design & graphics

5. Architecture of app development

6. App testing

7. Communication skills

8. User interface design

9. Post-launch support

What should I pay attention to while looking for Android application developers?

6 major factors that you need to pay attention to while looking for Android developers:

1. Research

2. Find the target audience

3. Right platform selection

4. Make a plan of action

5. Estimate your budget

6. Focus on user experience

Which software is best for mobile app development?

To create an excellent mobile application, you have to rely on the best software and tools. Here are the top 8 tools for mobile app development:

1. Bizness Apps

2. iBuildApp

3. GoodBarber

4. Shoutem

5. Rollbar

6. Appery.io


8. Caspio

Sphinx Solution
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