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India's exports rise in both value, volume terms in 2022: GTRI report

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India's exports rise in both value, volume terms in 2022: GTRI report

India has long been a global powerhouse in the export industry, and recent data indicates that the country's exports have risen significantly in both value and volume terms. According Import export data India's exports saw a remarkable increase in 2022, setting the stage for a potential boom in the country's economy.

The GTRI report shows that India's overall exports in 2022 rose by 21.8% in value terms and 11.3% in volume terms compared to the previous year. This is a significant achievement for India, especially given the challenges presented by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Merchandise Exports Increased by 14.6%

According to Export import data India the country's merchandise exports would expand in both value and volume in 2022. Outbound shipments increased 14.6% year on year to USD 453.3 billion in 2022.

According to the research, products with higher exports totalled USD 315.9 billion (69.8 per cent of total merchandise exports). Nonetheless, the value of products whose export quantities grew over the previous year is USD 285.6 billion.

The report further indicates that India's exports grew across a variety of sectors, including pharmaceuticals, textiles, and engineering goods. In particular, the pharmaceutical sector has emerged as a significant contributor to India's export growth, with a 35.2% increase in exports in 2022. The textile sector also witnessed a growth of 25.9% in exports, while engineering goods saw an increase of 16.4% in exports according to Import export data.

One of the main factors contributing to India's export growth is the country's focus on diversifying its exports. In recent years, India has been actively seeking to expand its export markets beyond its traditional trade partners, such as the United States and Europe. The country has been targeting emerging markets in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, and this strategy has paid off, with exports to these regions growing significantly in 2022.

Another significant factor driving India's export growth is the government's efforts to promote exports through various policies and initiatives. For instance, the government has launched several schemes to provide financial assistance to exporters and to encourage them to explore new markets. Additionally, the government has implemented measures to reduce the cost of doing business, such as simplifying export procedures and reducing logistics costs.

Further GTRI Report

Furthermore, the GTRI report suggests that India's export growth is likely to continue in the coming years. According to Export import data India, India's exports will grow by 12.4% in value terms and 7.5% in volume terms in 2023, indicating that the country's export industry is set to play an increasingly important role in its overall economic growth.


India's rising exports are a positive sign for the country's economy, as it creates new opportunities for businesses and generates employment. It also helps to reduce the country's trade deficit and increase its foreign exchange reserves. Moreover, increased exports can help to improve the country's balance of payments, which is essential for maintaining macroeconomic stability. Get Import export data

However, there are also some challenges that need to be addressed to sustain India's export growth in the long run. For instance, India needs to address the infrastructure bottlenecks that can hinder trade, such as inadequate port facilities and poor connectivity. The country also needs to focus on improving the quality and productivity of its manufacturing sector to enhance its competitiveness in global markets.

In conclusion, India's export growth in 2022 is a promising development that bodes well for the country's economic future. The country's efforts to diversify its exports and promote exports through various policies and initiatives have paid off, and the trend is expected to continue in the coming years. However, India must also address the challenges that can affect its export growth in the long run to sustain its success in the global trade arena.

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