A Simple Introduction to Expansion Joints

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Systems for piping and ductwork must include expansion joints, also referred to as metal bellows. In order to avoid damage and failure, they are made to absorb thermal expansion or contraction as well as other types of movement.

The significance of metal expansion joints, as well as their uses and various types, will be covered in this blog.

Expansion Joints - A short introduction

Metal Expansion Joints, also referred to as metal bellows or compensators, are mechanical devices used in piping systems, ductwork, and other industrial applications to absorb thermal expansion or contraction. They are made to accommodate movement in a system brought on by temperature changes, vibrations, or other elements that might lead to stress, exhaustion, or system failure.

Metallic expansion joints are constructed from a single or multiple convoluted bellows of metal, typically stainless steel, joined by flanges or other fittings. The system can maintain its integrity and avoid damage because the bellows are made to flex and compress as it expands and contracts.

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The Types of Expansion Joints:- 

In numerous industries, including oil and gas, chemical processing, power generation, and HVAC systems, stainless steel expansion joints are used extensively. They are essential elements that contribute to the piping and ductwork systems' safe and dependable operation.

Among the popular kinds of metal expansion joints are:

Axial Expansion Joints, that are made to withstand movement parallel to the bellows' length or in the axial direction.

Lateral expansion joints are made to withstand movement that is perpendicular to the length of the bellows or in the lateral direction.

The purpose of universal expansion joints is to accommodate movement in both axial and lateral directions.

Gimbal expansion joints are used in systems to allow for angular movement. Angular movement in any plane is possible thanks to the use of two pairs of hinges connected to a common floating gimbal ring. The hinged gimbal ring and pins are designed to limit the pressure thrust caused by internal pressure and shear forces. Round or square gimbal rings are available.

Single Unrestrained Joints: These expansion joints are made up of a single bellows element as well as end connections.

As an Expansion Joints Suppliers in UAE, DMA Bellows also sells this model that absorbs all movements in any length of piping regardless of accessories such as liners and covers, but it is primarily used to absorb axial movements.

Single Tied Expansion Joint:-Tied expansion joints are designed with a predetermined overall length in mind. The tie rods are attached in such a way that there is no axial movement and the ends of the EJ are always parallel. This configuration has two degrees of freedom, both of which are lateral in two axes.

Elbow Expansion Joints:- An elbow pressure balanced expansion joint is designed to absorb externally imposed axial movement without increasing system pressure. This is accomplished by connecting two bellows that act in opposite directions and are connected at line pressure.

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