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Gold Investment

Are you wondering what the best way of how to invest in gold is? Have you been questioning the best procedures to follow that lead you to the right decision during the process of buying gold? Well, you are in luck. Here at Gold Investments, we are the best in the business of helping you invest in gold. Gold Investments is the gold trading agency for you in the case that you are hesitant to buy or trade gold.  

Here at Gold Investments, we are the wisest when it comes to offering gold investment business advice here in the UK. Our team of gold investment professionals are the oldest in the business and are the most trustworthy of all. Here at Gold Investments, we have acquired a well-trained team of highly experienced gold trading professionals who will assist you in buying gold and investing in it.  

Buying gold has never been easier than it is with us here at Gold Investments. With the help of our team, you can now optimize your investment portfolio and buy your gold at a highly competitive rate.  

The Number One Gold Traders

One of our main priorities here at Gold Investments is earning the trust of our customers. What helped us gain a unique spot in the market is the mutual trust and full transparency that we have held on to for over 50 years. What adds to that is the fact that Gold Investments is a family-run and owned business. Therefore, we will consider your next gold investment as if it were ours, which makes us work in full transparency and responsibility.   

Gold Investments focuses on providing the best high end and the most trusted storage vault facilities to our customers. Providing better guards and safer storage are what our facilities revolve around. That is why all your physical metal assets and belongings are in safe hands guarded by the best, most trusted high-end gold storage vault solutions. The trusted vault storage solutions that our partners offer at London Silver Contractors and other certified contractors are who we collaborate with to maintain our service standards.  

How to Invest in Gold | Gold Investments


Here at Gold Investments, we offer the most competitively priced gold bars and coins that are meant for investment purposes here in the UK. Whether it is silver or gold you mean to invest with, all our clients are welcomed to choose what vault storage option they prefer to store their investment in.  

With all the benefits Gold Investments offer aside, we have one great additional benefit, and it is that we offer really affordable gold storage options. For as little as £4 per one oz per year, you can now give your next silver or gold bars investment the best vault storage solutions at London Silver Vaults. Gold Investments presents to you our several storage vault options in detail in order to ease your investment process of choosing which storage option would suit you best.  

The safest option for you is storing your gold with our trusted vault providers here at Gold Investments. By having the assets of the investor closer to them, they would have a safer investment experience as opposed to using offshore accounts that keep their belongings away from them.  

Range of Quality Gold Choose from

The Gold Investments team offers a wide variety of gold bars and coins for you to invest within your upcoming investments in the future. Kindly read on if you are interested in finding out more about the characteristics, different weights, and values different types of golf retain. Some options of coins that you can invest in are listed below.  

We offer first the Krugerrand coin, the popular coin that our traders sell. South Africa is where the Krugerrand coin has originated from, and it continues increasing in popularity, especially in the field of fine metal trading. Therefore, it stands out among all the other coins we offer. This coin weighs 33.93 gas, and it contains (1) troy ounce regarding gold content. This is what makes it the fastest and easiest coin to be trading with.  

Second, we offer the American coin. Americans are well familiar with this coin, yet it is not familiar in other places like Asia and Europe. The American coin has plenty of benefits. It is made up of 22-karat gold, similar to the Krugerrand coin mentioned ahead. Basically, it is bigger than other coins that are almost only 24-karat gold. The American coin is a unique coin to be traded with despite everything. Not to mention that this coin is one main key in boosting your investment portfolio.  

The third type of coin that we offer at Gold Investments is the Canadian Maple Leaf Coin. It comes second in popularity after the Krugerrand coin. It contains 0.9999% sheer gold content and weighs an ounce. In case you are willing to work in the international trade of fine metals, this coin is your go-to coin.  

The final coin we offer you is the British Sovereign Coin. This coin is not subject to any Capital Gains Tax (CGT) whatsoever, an aspect that makes it an attractive investment tool to invest in. The same applies to all Britannia gold coins .foreign coins that currently retain a profit of £11,000 are only permitted to GCT payment.  

The Buy Gold Process Here at Gold Investments 

We highly focus on simplifying the process of buying gold for our clients here at Gold Investments. Our team always helps in picking what payment method you prefer in the simplest ways. So whether you prefer paying in cash, bank transfers, or checks, the Gold Investments team has got you covered. We have to inform you that we follow the UK regulations for money laundering. This makes us allow cash payments that only go up to £7,500.   

Here at Gold Investments, we pay close attention to the accessibility element of the gold services that we offer. For example, we provide our clients with the chance to get a closer look while picking what item to purchase by visiting our London shop.  

Delivering our clients’ metal items to their doorstep wherever they live around the world is another advantage that the Gold Investments team offers. In addition to the advantage we are offering, that is free silver shipping services for all orders above £1,000.  

Gold Investments offers a team full of experts who are fully dedicated to offering our clients a way to find the best resources to rely upon regarding improving the guarding of their new fine metal investment. To add to that, we have partnerships with plenty of distinguished fine metal storage vault facilities that are known for being trustworthy and certified. This paves the way to getting only the best storage services to the physical investments of our clients.  

One of our great partners that we advise you with is London Silver Vaults. They offer you outstanding stellar voltage services with a low rate of £4 per ounce per year. You are welcome to contact our metal trading experts if you want to dig deep about the fine metal services we offer in Gold Investments. Your questions will be kindly answered on weekdays from 9h00 till 16h30.  

Easing the process of buying fine metals is what the Gold Investments team focuses on the most. We only hire the best experts in their field so you can get the best services in fine metal trading.  

We should mention that as the stock market prices change, the prices on our website fluctuate accordingly. However, the good thing is that whenever you click “buy” on your chosen item, the price gets fixed throughout the whole checkout process within the 48 hours after you clicked “buy”.  

When the target price point is reached, the Gold Investments team immediately alerts you. This is one of the best services that we offer. Whenever you attain your gold price, an email will be sent to inform you in order to allow you to easily purchase your preferred items on the spot.  

Gold Investment
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