Strapi Headless Cms Guide: Features And Use Cases

Andrew Falb

As the digital landscape evolves, so the web and application development technologies. Strapi headless CMS development is one such example. In Dec 2022, strapi.com reached a milestone of 50K GitHub stars. With these proven stats, one can conclude how rapidly businesses adopt Strapi headless CMS software to build their websites and applications.

But what is headless CMS software? Why are businesses shifting towards Strapi headless CMS development? Is Strapi CMS E-commerce application development a good option? How to find and hire the best headless CMS development company? 

This blog post answers all these questions. Let's dive deep into the Strapi headless CMS guide with features and use cases.

What Is Headless Cms?

Before jumping onto what Headless CMS is? Let's quickly understand what is CMS. In simple terms, CMS is a content management system software used to publish and organize several content types, such as blog posts, videos, and images, in a digital repository.

Now, what is headless CMS? Headless CMS software is a platform with no template or presentation layer. It allows you to build and query your data structure using several search mechanisms.

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The advantage of a headless CMS is that you can choose any technology stack you want to build the presentation layer. This is important as it allows you to distribute content across multiple devices and platforms.

In addition, the headless CMS overpowers many of the limitations of traditional CMS software.

Details inside: Strapi Headless Cms Guide: Features And Use Cases

Andrew Falb
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