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Semi-precious marble stone most luxurious marble in the world

Bhutra Marble
Semi-precious marble stone most luxurious marble in the world

Semi-precious marble is a type of natural stone that is very rare and beautiful.

It is different from regular marble because it is made from different minerals and has unique colors and patterns.

Semi-precious marble is very special because it lets light pass through it, making it look very pretty.

People have been using semi-precious marble for thousands of years to make decorations and art.

Today, it comes from different parts of the world and is cut and polished by Bhutra Marble & Granites Kishangarh, India.

What is Semi-Precious Marble?

Semi-precious marble is a rare and beautiful natural stone that looks different from regular marble.

It’s made from special rocks that have pretty minerals like quartz, agate, jasper, and amethyst inside.

These minerals give the stone its unique colors and patterns, which can range from earthy browns and greens to bright blues, pinks, and purples.

People like semi-precious marble because it’s see-through and you can put the light behind it to make it look really cool.

To do this, the stone is cut into thin slices and backed with a see-through material like resin or glass.

Where to Found Semi-Precious Marble?

Semi-precious marble has been used to make beautiful things for a long time.

People in ancient Egypt and Rome used it to make decorations and sculptures. In the Middle Ages, important people in Europe liked to use it to make pretty mosaics and decorations.

Nowadays, we get semi-precious marble from different places around the world, like Brazil, Madagascar, and India. Skilled workers cut and polish the marble to make it look nice.

Benefits of Using Semi-Precious Marble

Semi-precious marble is really beautiful and tough, and it’s not common to find.

It doesn’t get damaged easily like regular marble, and it can last a long time if you take care of it. It doesn’t soak up liquids or stains like regular marble.

One cool thing about semi-precious marble is that it’s a bit see-through. If you cut it into thin pieces and put something see-through behind it, it looks amazing!

The colors and patterns in the marble shine and create a calming, exciting effect.

Uses of Semi-Precious Marble

Semi-precious marble is a fancy material that can be used in many ways to decorate things.

It’s very pretty and rare, so people like to use it for expensive projects like fancy hotels and houses.

You can use it to make all kinds of things like countertops, furniture, and decorations.

One way people use semi-precious marble is to make cool lighting fixtures. When you shine light through the stone, it makes pretty colors and patterns that look like art.

People also use it for things like countertops and backsplashes so you can see its pretty patterns up close.

Semi-precious marble is also used to make unique and fancy furniture like tables and chairs.

The stone can be made to light up, which looks really cool and fancy. You can also use it to make pretty things like vases, bowls, and sculptures.

Skilled artists can shape the stone to show off its natural patterns and colors, making it look like a piece of art.

These fancy decorations can make any room look more elegant and are often collected by people who like art and fancy interior design.

What are the Price and Best Suppliers Semi Precious Marble in India?

The price of semi-precious marble starts at Rs.1200 to Rs.5000/- per square foot in India at Bhutra Marble & Granites Kishangarh, Rajasthan, India.

Bhuta Marble is one of the perfect suppliers and manufacturers of semi-precious marble in India if you need this luxurious marble for residential and commercial projects so make a call to know more about this world’s most luxurious stone.

Call For Best Price and Other Info.: +91– 9001156068

Maintenance of Semi-Precious Marble

Semi-precious marble is a strong material, but you still need to take care of it so it stays nice. Here are some tips:

  • If you spill something on it, clean it up right away with a soft cloth and mild soap.
  • Don’t use strong chemicals on it because they can damage it. Just use mild soap and water.
  • Use coasters and trivets to protect it from scratches and other damage caused by glasses, plates, and other things.
  • Even though it can handle the heat, don’t put hot things directly on it. Always use a trivet or heat pad to keep it safe.


In short, semi-precious marble is a really pretty and strong natural stone. People have been using it to make things look nice for hundreds of years, and it’s still popular for fancy interior design projects today.

You can use it to decorate things like lamps, furniture, and other pretty things, or just to make a room look extra special.

If you take good care of it, your semi-precious marble will stay looking beautiful for a long time.

For More Call Now: +91–9001156068

Bhutra Marble
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