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The Best Gemstones to Invest In

Kim Garth
The Best Gemstones to Invest In

A gemstone never loses its value! During ancient times, gemstones were used as a form of currency in exchange for commodities.

Gemstones are gifts from mother earth and adorned by humans. Investment in gemstones is for those who love to collect rare gemstones or wear gemstone jewelry. Rare gemstones are always in demand in the market, and the value of these gemstones tends to increase over time.

Here are some of the precious and semi-precious gemstones you can consider for investment.

Precious Gemstones


Sales of diamonds have massively increased over the past few years. The demand for diamonds is more than the actual reserve of diamonds, making diamonds expensive and valuable. This is an indication to invest in diamonds because supplies are limited and demand will continue to grow.


Diamonds are forever, but rubies are more valuable. Rubies are one of the rarest gemstones and attract gemstones buyers to invest in due to their huge demand in the market. The reason why rubies are so popular is that they are extremely durable. Burmese rubies are one of the most expensive and rare rubies in the world. Burmese rubies have a higher market value, and investment in these rubies is more profitable compared to other rubies.


Shades of sapphires do not require any opinion. Sapphires come in various shades, but the rich royal blue sapphires are on the priority list of gemstones buyers after ruby. Blue sapphire engagement rings are the first choice of women on special occasions like an engagement ceremony. The origin of highly valuable sapphires is in Kashmir, India, in the Himalayan Mountains.

You may check out GemsNY’s large collection of natural certified gemstones, where you will get all types of precious and semi-precious gemstones in all shapes and sizes. You will get various color options in sapphire at GemsNY at a pocket-friendly price.


Emeralds have always been the center of attraction for ages. Emerald is the only gemstone whose flaws and inclusions are appreciated widely, making them the favorite choice for investment. Due to their rarity, high quality emeralds keep attracting higher prices over time, making them a safe investment option.

Colombian emeralds are one of the most valuable and rare gemstones in the world. The most expensive emeralds were sold in the auction of 2017 at the massive price of $300,000 per carat. 

Semi-precious Gemstones


Alexandrite gemstone is the only gemstone of its kind. It changes its color when observed under different lights. This gemstone is made out of a variety of chrysoberyl minerals. The color-changing quality of alexandrite gemstones makes them a better investment option in the category of semi-precious gemstones. The Ural Mountains in Russia had deposits of premium quality alexandrite gemstones and since the source stands almost depleted these gemstones command prices varying from $15,000 to $70,000 per carat.

Tsavorite Garnet

Emerald is not the only gemstone blessed with lush green color, tsavorite garnet also possesses the same mineral that makes emerald green. Deposits of premium quality tsavorite are in Tsavo, Kenya. Tsavorite gemstones are always untreated and are more brilliant than emeralds. Demand and popularity of tsavorite are continuously on the rise, and this is the best time to invest in these gemstones to enjoy high returns later.


Tanzanite is the best investment option for gemstone investors. One of the surprising factors about tanzanite is that it is only found in Tanzania. Due to its rarity, the demand for tanzanite is growing gradually, making it a great investment option.


Spinel is often mistakenly recognized as ruby due to its red color. Spinel gemstones have become highly popular over the past few years, and gemstone lovers are showing interest in spinel due to its high demand in the market. Premium quality spinel gemstones come from Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) and usually have high prices.

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Kim Garth
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