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4 Benefits of Using Piling For Foundation Support

4 Benefits of Using Piling For Foundation Support

Today, piling has emerged as the preferred foundation option for both contractors and clients. This is largely due to the cost-effectiveness of piling as well as the numerous benefits that it offers to the structure, which ultimately benefit the owner in the long run. But what are these benefits? In this article, we will explore the advantages of using piling for foundation support, providing you with valuable insights into why piling is an excellent choice for your construction project.

What is a Building Foundation?

Every construction structure starts with a foundation. The lowest point of a building or other civil structure that comes in direct touch with the ground is called the foundation, which securely distributes loads from the structure to the ground.

The foundation distributes the structure's weight to the ground and acts as a barrier against the earth's weight. So, naturally, building the foundation is an important step.

Types Of Foundations

Foundations can be broadly divided into shallow foundations and deep foundations.

  • Shallow Foundation: A shallow foundation is constructed close to the surface of the earth or that transfers load at a shallow depth.

  • Deep Foundation: When the surface soils' bearing ability is insufficient to withstand the loads imposed by a structure, deep foundations are required to move such loads to deeper layers with greater bearing capacity. Buildings that are tall or constructed on unstable terrains, like skyscrapers, require deep foundations.

Advantages Of Pile Foundation Over Other Foundations

Pile Foundation is a deep foundation method that has been used traditionally for a long time. This technique uses piles, which are cylindrical or square structures, which are then driven into the ground and the structure is constructed on them to provide stability.

There are various advantages of choosing a pile foundation over other foundations, such as:

1. Cost-Effectiveness

Though pile foundations are much more expensive when compared with shallow foundations, however, they are worth the investment. They will provide stability and durability to your structure for years ahead.

Additionally, pile foundations are more cost-effective when:

  • Soil conditions are poor
  • Load requirements are high
  • Access to the site is difficult
  • Construction methods are favourable

2. Speed of Installation

Pile foundations can be set up rather rapidly and effectively with little excavation or environmental impact. They can be used to support both new buildings and existing structures, and they are also rather simple to install.

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3. Durability

In contrast to shallow foundations, cast in-situ boar piles have little or no foundation settlement, which is advantageous. Pile foundations are suitable for larger and more complicated constructions because they can withstand significantly heavier loads than shallow foundations, which makes them more durable than their counterparts.

4. Resistance To Environmental Factors

Pile foundations can be employed in a variety of soil types, including those that are weak, or flooded. In places with high water tables, where shallow foundations are more likely to break, they can also be employed.

Pile foundations like screw piles are very environmentally friendly options. Not only do they use less heavy machinery than their alternative but also produce less waste, and make less noise and vibration during installation. When compared to employing other deep foundations, contractors who use screw piles leave a far less carbon footprint.

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