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Holistic Approach of Environmental Management Systems to Business

Holistic Approach of Environmental Management Systems to Business

The framework of an environmental management systems helps companies to monitor, control, and reduce harmful activities in the community and in nature. The program increases awareness about the importance of environmental sustainability by educating the management team about eco-friendly operations and community welfare. A company must have a set of environmental goals, which should be attained through constant inspection, improvement, and evaluation of operational performance.

The growing concern for minimising carbon footprint includes small and medium size companies in Australia to take major initiatives and or improving their existing ones. The reason is not just to exhibit social and environmental responsibility, but today’s consumers are concerned buyers who prefer to purchase products/services from environmentally conscious and responsible buyers. With that, the number of statutory regulations and requirements has increased. Understandably, companies feel more pressure to focus on their corporate social responsibility.

The international organisation for standardisation has set a robust requirement for an environmental management system known as the ISO 14000. The policies of this standard offer an array of benefits to businesses. The following will discuss the approach of the system.

What are the basic elements of an environmental management system?

●      Review and analysis of an organisation’s environmental goals for both short-term and long-term purposes

●      Evaluation of the environmental impacts as well as the statutory obligations

●      Setting policies and objectives to reduce impacts and adhere to the compliance obligations

●      Designing and establishing programs to accomplish all the objectives

●      Monitoring and measuring the progress

●      Inspect employee awareness and ensure their competence by giving adequate training

●      Review the final progress and document all the steps for improvements

How does an environmental management system benefit a company?

1. Helps to create a better image in the society

Through a systematic management plan for reducing waste production and energy consumption, a company makes an exemplary approach in society. Consumers as well as the community start giving more value to the improved environmental performance of the organisation. It helps to create a positive image in society. A company gradually becomes popular and acquires wide acknowledgment and reputation. Customer loyalty, increased profit margin, and new customer acquisition are some of the ultimate consequences of implementing a stringent environmental management system.

2. Helps to reduce cost

The system wants companies to use the right types of resources in the correct method and amount. According to the fundamental policy of the ISO 14000 management standard, a company must reduce production and delivery costs by controlling energy consumption and resource conservation. By increasing the stakeholders' awareness, the system enhances the proactive participation and engagement of all employees in order to control waste production. Cost control and reduction help a company to maintain a contingency fund that will help assist in emergency and or any other disruptions.

3. Enhances employee morale

To meet objectives, a company needs the full support from its workforce. The international environmental management system helps to increase productivity by enhancing employee morale. Their enthusiasm drives their creativity and proactiveness. The framework demands their input into decision-making andencourages them to provide valuable feedback for making better decisions.

A company needs three things to maintain its sustainability in the market, including support from stakeholders, customer loyalty, and funds. With the help of implementing an environmental management system, a company can accomplish a positive brand image that will attract customers. On the other hand, the system increases employee productivity by providing a fair amount of motivation, which affects the profit margin. It is easy to understand that the system acts as a marketing strategy when it comes to receiving global recognition.

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