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How Insulin Treatment Lowers Your Blood Sugar

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How Insulin Treatment Lowers Your Blood Sugar

Insulin is a hormone that plays a crucial role in regulating sugar levels in your blood. It is produced by the pancreas and released into the bloodstream in response to glucose, the main energy source for your body's cells. In people with diabetes, insulin production is either insufficient or non-existent, which can lead to high blood sugar levels.

Insulin medication is the most effective way to lower blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. This article will explore how insulin treatment works to lower blood sugar levels.


What is the Involved in Insulin Therapy?

Basaglar insulin involves injecting insulin into the body to replace the missing hormone. There are different types of insulin, which vary in their onset and duration of action. Rapid-acting insulin, for example, starts working within 15 minutes and lasts 3-5 hours, while long-acting insulin takes several hours to start working but can last up to 24 hours. The type of insulin prescribed will depend on the individual's needs and blood sugar levels.

When Basaglar insulin is injected into the body, it helps transport glucose from the bloodstream into the cells, which can be used for energy. Without insulin, glucose cannot enter the cells, which leads to high blood sugar levels. Insulin also helps to prevent the liver from producing too much glucose, which can also contribute to high blood sugar levels.


How Insulin Treatment Helps Your Blood Sugar

Insulin medication can be administered in several ways, including via injection, insulin pump, or inhalation. The most common method is subcutaneous injection, which involves injecting insulin into the fatty tissue just beneath the skin. It allows the insulin to be absorbed into the bloodstream gradually, which helps to mimic the body's natural insulin release.

One of the main benefits of insulin treatment is that it can be tailored to an individual's needs. It means that the dose and type of insulin can be adjusted to match the person's blood sugar levels, activity levels, and food intake. It can help prevent high and low blood sugar levels, which can be dangerous.

Similar to how the pancreas produces natural insulin, insulin therapy works. Your body converts carbohydrates into glucose after a meal. Your blood sugar level rises when glucose enters your system.

Insulin aids in transferring glucose from the bloodstream to the cells when taken. The remainder of that sugar is then stored in your fat, muscles, and liver for later usage by your cells.

Your blood sugar level should return to normal as the sugar enters your cells.


How You Take Insulin

Because stomach enzymes would break down insulin during digestion, you cannot take insulin as a tablet. Instead, you inject insulin subcutaneously using a needle, pump, or pen.

A more recent insulin formulation can also be breathed. With a device that resembles an asthma inhaler, you breathe it in.

Insulin needs to be taken by people with type 1 diabetes numerous times each day. It might only need to be taken once daily by people with type 2 diabetes.




Basaglar insulin is essential to managing diabetes and can lower blood sugar levels. It works by helping to transport glucose from the bloodstream into the cells, where it can be used for energy. People with diabetes must work closely with their healthcare team to manage their insulin therapy and monitor their blood sugar levels regularly.

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