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A fraction calculator can perform more than just basic operations

A fraction calculator can perform more than just basic operations

The fraction calculator is a simple online tool that makes kids work more easily to solve problems and get the desired outcomes. Allcalculator.net's This doesn’t mean that we have found a bypass to stop kids from learning fractions; instead, they can use this simple tool to evaluate their final answers all by themselves without any adult supervision.

Fractions problems like 1/6+2/6 can be easy to solve as adults; we know adding the numerator and adding the denominator gives the answer as 1/2, and how we derived the answer is

1/6+2/6 gives 3/6, and when three is divided by six, it answers ½ in fraction and 0.5 in decimal value.

How about solving word problems that involve fractions?

Example: Lily owns 12 pairs of socks, of which six are red, two are brown, two are black, and two are white. What fraction of lily’s socks are either brown or black?

The right answer for the above question is 2+2/12, which is 4/12, and the answer is 1/3

Using this fraction calculator, just feeding the data of 2/12+2/12 gives you an instant answer of 1/3.

Similarly, we can find answers for many such word problems for kids.

Not just with addition, this can be used to find

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Conversions and a few others.

Purpose of using this fraction calculator:

  1. Fraction calculation made easy
  2. Hassle-free problem-solving for kids
  3. Accurate result
  4. Best learning tool for kids in lower grade
  5. A pictorial representation of the result makes it easy for kids to understand.
  6. This online tool can be used anywhere, anytime and at your convenience.
  7. It performs a wide range of arithmetic operations, not just basic ones.
  8. Conversions from decimal to fractions and vice-versa has been made easy
  9. A drop-down box is given to choose the arithmetic operation you want to perform easily.

Try using our online Fraction calculator for your kid's easy problem-solving home works.

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