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Top 10 CRM trends To Watch Out for in 2023

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Top 10 CRM trends To Watch Out for in 2023

Top 10 CRM trends To Watch Out for in 2023. CRM software has been gaining a lot of popularity in these recent years. Be it the healthcare sector, banking and finance sector, retail, or any other sector, every business is adopting it for the innumerable benefits it facilitates.

According to the reports from Statista, the worldwide CRM software market is expected to grow to $49.6 billion in 2025, which is almost 1.7% CAGR from 2020.

This also implies that CRM is an upcoming trend and you should consider incorporating it into your business. And if you are interested in doing so, then in this article we will be sharing with you the top CRM trends that you can consider integrating in 2023.

So, without further ado, let us start, but first, you should know about the benefits of CRM.

What are the benefits of CRM?

CRM, short for customer relationship management serves many benefits, and among all, some are as follows -

  • It helps in providing better service to your customers and accelerates sales.
  • It helps in increasing the productivity of the business by gathering all the essential customer information.
  • CRM is a great customer retention tool and also helps in decreasing bounce rates.
  • It also provides detailed insights into the customer data which you can use to make better decisions and serve the customers rightfully.
  • It helps in effective and efficient communication with the customers alongside streamlined business processes.

Top 10 CRM Trends to Consider in 2023

Here is the list of the top 10 CRM trends to be followed in 2023

  1. Artificial intelligence
  2. Chatbots
  3. Customer Experience
  4. Customer self-service (CSS) CRM
  5. Data Reliance
  6. Internet of Things
  7. Social CRM
  8. Usability
  9. Voice Assistants
  10. XaaS - everything as a service

Artificial intelligence

AI has numerous applications and possibilities and one such application is its integration with CRM. It helps in lead qualification and analyzing the customer conversations during calls which helps in boosting the revenue as per user sentiments.

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It also helps in providing accurate sales forecasts according to user behavior patterns to optimize the sales process. In addition, it helps in automating repetitive tasks alongside predictive analysis to improve business performance.


Chatbots have been in the competition for a long time and have proven to be an essential tool for businesses. It plays an important role in providing customer services by finding answers or directing to the relevant answer the customer is looking for.

And for the future, it is comprehended that with the help of NLP, chatbots will be able to provide appropriate responses quickly.

Customer Experience

In today’s world where businesses revolve around customers, it is important to take care of the customer experience as well. It is another CRM trend that helps in bringing convenience and competition to a business. It helps in providing an easy-to-use interface, making it a friendly and personalized browsing experience for the customer.

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In addition, it also helps in providing a precise solution to the issues or queries with ensuring that the solutions meet the customer demands.

Customer self-service (CSS) CRM

It is another trend that enhances CRM software with automation. Most people like to find answers regarding anything without any human assistance, and this is where CSS CRM comes in.

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It helps in automating tedious tasks and saves a lot of time, effort, and money. It helps the customer to make payments, troubleshoot their problems with ease, and also helps in providing straightforward answers to their queries.

Data Reliance

Data is fuel to any business growth and as it captures everything, it is considered an essential tool for companies. It helps in identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your business, thus helping you enhance your services.

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With access to real-time data, it helps you provide quick solutions to your customers contributing to increased revenue.

Internet of Things

IoT-connected devices continue to grow and make significant improvements in CRM software. It helps in providing insights into customer behavior and browsing patterns which in turn helps in providing an enhanced customer experience.

It helps in detecting performance issues and provides efficient customer service. It also helps in increasing sales and improving business operations.

Top 10 CRM trends

Social CRM

It is the integration of social media into CRM software. In times when you can post about your experience with a particular brand anytime, social media CRM has become a must-have. It helps in building personal relationships with customers through social media channels.

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It helps in providing detailed insights and also helps in handling customer service issues alongside building trust with the customers.


They say simplicity is the key, and considering usability as an important factor ensures that the software is easy to use and simple. It helps a business to operate efficiently and provide a next-level browsing experience to the users.

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In addition, it also helps in user engagement which is directly linked to improving the sales performance of a business.

Voice Assistants

It is another CRM trend to consider according to recent times. Nowadays when people are searching for most of their queries via voice search, integrating a voice assistant into the CRM solution will be a smart move.

It will help the users with voice searching their queries and getting relevant information in form of voice messages and voice notes. Thus, saving a lot of time and providing quick resolution alongside customer satisfaction.

XaaS - everything as a service

It is the next big thing that has the potential to transform any business. It includes every cloud computing service like PaaS, IaaS, and others that can be availed via subscription.

It helps in reducing costs, provides better scaling options, and also helps in responding quickly to consumer demands.

Wrapping It Up

CRM has been continuously transforming businesses at a remarkable rate, and with the implementation of the aforementioned trends, you can accurately deliver the best customer experience with your business.

And if you want your business to flourish and reach new heights then you can consider integrating these trends into your software as well.

FAQs about CRM Software

What is a CRM Software?

CRM Software helps a business in managing, tracking, and organizing their relationships with the customers and also helps in storing and gathering necessary information which you can use to optimize the business processes and provide enhanced customer service.

What are the 5 major phases in a CRM?

There five major phases in a CRM include the following -

  • Reaching the potential customer
  • Customer acquisition
  • Conversion
  • Customer retention, and
  • Customer loyalty.

What are the best CRM software tools?

The best CRM software tools include Zoho CRM, Oracle NetSuite, Salesforce CRM, Zendesk CRM, Sendinblue, SAP CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and many others.

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