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6 Tips To Buy The Best Super Top-Up Health Insurance

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6 Tips To Buy The Best Super Top-Up Health Insurance

Super top-up health insurance is a family floater policy plan that’s been trending for the right reasons. This policy offers you coverage above your chosen deductible limit after you have exhausted your policy limit. This policy comes with many extraordinary features. But the biggest benefit of this plan is that it offers you financial relaxation in cases when your hospitalisation bill exceeds your sum insured.

You can buy a super top-up health insurance plan with or without a base plan. However, buying a super top-up with a base plan is advisable as it helps you stay protected against higher medical expenses.

Read on to discover 6 tips that you must know to buy super top-up health insurance.

6 Tips To Buy The Best Super Top-Up Health Insurance


  • Buy a comprehensive plan.

It is best to buy a comprehensive plan before buying a super top-up plan. This is because a base health insurance plan covers your room rent, and other small services, whereas there are certain limitations for room rent. This will help you save money as the charges will be paid under the base policy amount. Once the deductibles are paid, super top-up health insurance will help you cover any additional charges as per the terms and conditions.


  • Buy from the same insurance providers.

It is best to buy the super top-up health insurance plans from the same insurance providers as it will make the claim process easier. If you have a base health plan and buy a super top-up health plan from another insurer, you will have two different policies. This means you have to make two claims, which means it will take more time to process the claim as there will be two applications, and you have to respond to different insurers. This will add more stress to your situation.


  • Financial limits offered.

Always check and compare the super top-up plans from different insurance providers before buying. This is because some plans might have a room rent limit. Make sure to compare the different plans online and sort out the one that best fits your needs.


  • Read the terms and conditions.

Whenever you buy a super top-up health insurance plan, it is important to take your time and review the terms and conditions of the plan you selected. This will give you an idea of what the plan covers and what it does not. Once you know the exclusions, you can fix the gap by purchasing a comprehensive health insurance policy.


  • Check the claim process.

If you buy a comprehensive health plan from a different insurer and the super top-up plan from a different insurer, you might not be able to opt for cashless claim facilities. This is because if you have different insurance providers for both plans, the hospitals consider only the base health plan. Thus, you cannot opt for a cashless claim for both plans.


  • Buy early.

Buy your super top-up health plan early like your health insurance plan. This is because if the month of purchase does not coincide, there might be some complications while raising a claim.


Super top-up health insurance plans are great when it comes to huge financial expenses incurred during a medical situation. It comes in handy when your base health insurance plan is exhausted. In short, it helps you cover more than one claim in a year. Also, a super top-up plan allows you to take advantage of tax under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

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