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5 Innovative Social Media Strategies to Use

5 Innovative Social Media Strategies to Use

In today's digital environment, social media is a crucial marketing tool. Businesses without an online presence are losing out on prospective customers and conversions because 71% of consumers prefer to buy from brands they've connected with on social media. Social networking is a great tool for small businesses to stay up to date on market developments and educate clients about their goods and services. Given that there are more people using social media every year, it is essential to your company's marketing plan.

The good news is that social media has become increasingly important to businesses recently, making brand and product information more readily available than ever. The bad news is that every industry is seeing increased rivalry, so merely having social media profiles isn't enough. Instead, you'll need to come up with clever, strategic strategies to keep both your present and potential clients interested.

The social media experts at SEO SAINTS assembled their thoughts on using your business profiles for your benefit. Read on to learn how to wow your followers on social media and grow your business!

Creative Ways To Use Social Media

Show Social Proof

Digital marketing continuously hammers consumers. It might be challenging to determine whether a brand is reliable when they all provide content that touts their superiority. Emphasize actual customers' experiences with your goods or services to reduce online consumers' scepticism about your company.

Social proof is the process of tying your brand's internet presence to actual individuals. The legitimacy of your company in the eyes of a social media user can be increased by demonstrating to potential buyers that your past or current customers are prepared to attest to the effectiveness of your product or service. Videos of past clients' testimonials that demonstrate your value to potential new clients are best shared on occasion. To capture your audience's attention when they're distracted, make sure your films are brief and visually engaging.

Create Your Brand

Your brand is more than just a name; it's a particular and distinctive collection of sentiments, thoughts, and experiences that your target market associates with your business. While branding is a crucial component of every marketing strategy, organizations frequently overlook it in favour of concentrating on initiatives that boost sales right away. This could be a grave error. According to research, over half of consumers will first purchase from recognizable brands, therefore failing to brand your company effectively could result in missed chances. Although there are numerous approaches to develop a distinctive brand experience, social media has certain special advantages.

One is that you already have social media followers who interact with you there. The architecture of social media makes it simple to distribute entertaining and distinctive material; content that allows you to say more than just words or a logo. Focusing on concise content that demonstrates that your brand is more than just a mission statement is what we advise.

Some types of content you can use to build your brand’s “story” on social media are

• Company News

• Staff Engagement

• Client Testimonials

• Product Release Updates

Learn About Your Customer Base

Your fans use Facebook and Twitter to offer their views and opinions as well as to consume your information. Although it's essential to social media, many small businesses miss out on this chance. Your social media followers might provide you with vital market research if you use them properly.

We recommend

• Social Media Polls

• Online Suggestion Boxes

• A/B Testing Social Media Ad Sets Per Product Or Audience

• Maintaining A Facebook Group or Twitter Hashtag for Audience Insight

Integrate User-Generated Content

If you want to increase your social media reach, we recommend hosting a user-generated content contest. This gives your social media followers the opportunity to post their own content and tag your company’s profiles, putting content and information about your business in front of more social media users. Common examples of social media user-generated content include

• Photo Contests

• Videos of Customers Using The Product

• Tag A Friend Challenges

Revitalize Your Social Media With SEO SAINTS

Social media can do a lot for your business, but to achieve the best results, you must have a well-rounded strategy. That’s where the social media marketing agency Houston come in!

Our social media marketing services include • Paid Social Media Ads • Social Media Management • Establishing Social Media Profiles • Social Media Strategy • Branding & Videography • Content Promotion • & More!

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