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Top 6 Challenges and Solutions a New Pet Owner Needs to Know

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Top 6 Challenges and Solutions a New Pet Owner Needs to Know

Pet Adoption is undoubtedly a good choice and is an absolute beauty to your home. Yet your furry member can put you through some challenging situations. And the truth is that pet owners do not have the needed planning for handling pet behavioral problems.  

If you are new to dog ownership, understand the pet behavior problems that help to solve and prevent them. Giving good obedience training helps prevent many of these issues.

Prepare yourself to Manage and meet these challenges. With proper training and techniques, we can deal with any pet. Each pet varies, and they are different in their behavioral aspects. As a pet owner, you must know the challenges and find solutions in advance.

Let us look into some pet behavioral issues and their solutions.

A Chance to Runaway

  • To escape and run are most tendencies seen in pets. At the beginning of a pet journey, there are chances for this as they don't know you well. The attachment and relationship grow as they become familiar with your family and surroundings.
  • You must be aware and cautious if your pet runs away. More importantly, don't develop a tendency to be a violent owner. Instead, give a positive attitude to overcome such hurdles.
  • There is a chance for your pet to be in trouble or accidents when running away to unknown places. You must be careful and keep safety aids to save your pet from injury or hazards.

Separation Anxiety

  • Separation anxiety is undoubtedly a big challenge. Pets can go through a fear of separation, and they hold you when you are moving away from them. Sometimes you may feel it is annoying, but at the same time, seeing their painful eyes end up in pain to you. With the proper methods, you can overcome separation anxiety in pets.
  • Getting your pet through good training can also help and guide them to prevent loneliness. In addition, you can also arrange practice sessions with toys where your pet enjoys funny games alone. There is a chance for pets to divert their attention to some toys when you are away.

Pet aggression 

  • Aggression is a common emotion among pets, and they exhibit snarling, showing teeth, growling, lunging, and biting. Some pets are violent with aggressive behavior tendencies. 
  • Pet shows aggression, regardless of its nature, breed, or history. However, pets with violent or abusive histories are much more likely to exhibit aggressive behavior toward people or other pets. The fact is that pet surroundings have an impact on this behavior. 
  • If your pet has aggressive tendencies, consult your veterinarian first. And seeking help from an experienced dog trainer or behaviorist can help with this. Notably, taking measures to keep safe from aggressive pets is crucial.

Unexpected Medical Emergencies

If you have a small furry member, unexpected medical situations are common to every pet owner. They can be more prone to infections from parasites or other serious ailments. Preventative care that includes regular visits to wellness centers and vaccines can combat these problems. 

Inappropriate urination

  • Inappropriate urination is a frustrating behavioral problem. It can damage your home and make your pet unintroduced to public places. It can get prevented with the help of a veterinarian. 
  • If it is not curable with the medicine, try to determine the reason for this behavior problem among the following:
  • Submissive urination
  • Territorial marking
  • Anxiety
  • Lack of proper housebreaking

Scratches and Chewing

  • Some pets scratch or tear your mats, clothes, sofas, and cushions near them. Some pets end up chewing random things due to a lack of training. Giving them better training on these behavioral problems can help them to stop doing this. 
  • Keeping chewable food items can also prevent such activities. Teach them behavioral commands and give adequate training on what to do and what not. 


As a pet owner, the benefits of pet adoption are plenty. The journey with a furry member will be challenging, and it is a total mix and blend of emotions. The foremost thing is to be consistent and patient. With careful planning and dedication, you can make these hurdles into solutions and keep your smile intact. 

Pets are loving as they value humans. All the above challenges are just a number for you when loved furry looks at you with glowing eyes. When you see pets for adoption, think about the love they give rather than these initial challenges.

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