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AITech Interview with Michelle Songy, Chief Executive Officer, Press Hook


What are the vision, mission, and values of your organization?

Our vision is empowering authentic content. We want to make it easier for those on both sides of the media equation – brands and journalists – to publish and source powerful, engaging content that is relevant to a particular readership.

Our mission is to build the world’s largest media relations network – one that facilitates meaningful connections between PR professionals, journalists, publicists and brands and empowers the creation and publication of high-value content.

Our core values are authenticity, transparency, accessibility, and diversity.

How does the new AI-powered press release generator launched by Press Hook function? What are its USPs?

Finding the perfect way to communicate with the press is a huge pain point for small and medium-sized businesses looking to dip their toes in the PR landscape. Our Press Release Generator functions by simplifying this process, breaking down a press release into just a few easy-to-fill form fields. After a user tells us the “what and when”, their answers are sent through Open AI’s ChatGPT-3 language model for processing. Within just a few seconds, users receive a solid first draft that they can easily fine-tune that hits all the right notes and will get them noticed. While not meant to replace humans, it’s a tool that businesses can use for an effective press release draft that can be easily edited, and therefore, speeds up getting announcements to the market.

What was the inspiration behind establishing Press Hook?

I touched on some of this in the first question with regard to the pain points Press Hook addresses for businesses. Beyond that, we want to inspire, motivate and help grow businesses – especially smaller businesses or those just getting off the ground. It can be very difficult to “get the word out” when you’re growing a business, and relying on paid campaigns can be debilitating from a budget perspective. Earned media is better, because it gives businesses and brands real credibility and legitimacy. Anybody can pay for an advertisement, but getting mentioned in a well-respected publication is invaluable and can provide an immediate and long-term boost to brand awareness and reputation.

I saw that firsthand after ending my last venture. I traveled to a remote area in Indonesia and realized that the local tourism there depended on earned media exposure and press to bring in visitors. You might be wary if an influencer visited a far remote island and started recommending it, or if you saw a sponsored ad in a travel magazine, but if you Google the location and see that respected publications like Travel & Leisure or Culture Trip had visited and written positively about it, you’d be more inclined to take the leap. That’s exactly what I did and it was the trip of a lifetime. In fact, I spent a few days at a small homestay there, talking to the owner about ideas to get him more media exposure – that’s what motivated me to launch Press Hook.

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