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Seeking a Rug Store in Naples to Buy Wall to Wall Carpet? Browse Custom Floor Design

Custom Floors Design
Seeking a Rug Store in Naples to Buy Wall to Wall Carpet? Browse Custom Floor Design

If you decide to install Wall to Wall Carpet, you can be sure that it will have a big impact on the appearance of the room. But carpet can also affect the feel of a room - and not just on your feet. And unlike hardwood flooring, it can also prevent slips and cushions from falling, which is important if you live with fussy kids or aging parents. Wall-to-wall tapestries can be a means of expression. Carpet design can be compared to storytelling.

With your choice of rugs and the way you use them, you create the atmosphere of the room and create an environment that tells the occupants how the room should be used. The colors, patterns or custom designs of your wall-to-wall carpet will support your unique story. So experience floors at their best with wall-to-wall carpets from Custom Floor Design.

Which not only enhance the aesthetics of the interior, but also impress with their excellent sound-absorbing qualities that prevent excessive echo throughout the room? Wall to Wall Carpet is answer of this question.

Why Should You Buy Wall to Wall Carpet?

Versatile and Flexible

Wall to Wall Carpet are available in various sizes, styles, designs and colors. Just like wallpaper, you can find a rug that reflects your personality or the mood you want to achieve. They are built to match any decor, be it traditional, modern or contemporary. There are so many different samples to choose from, so you can choose a flooring material as a base. Decoration and embellishments can be added like layers of paint on canvas. On the other hand, rugs are also masterpieces and can act as the focal point of a room.


Hard floor materials may look cool, but they can be hard on the body. Slipping and falling on stone, tile or even wood can cause a bruise or injury. Slipping or falling is especially difficult for young children and the elderly. Injuries are not limited to humans either. Dogs and cats usually sprint when they are playing fetch or with other animals at home. They can hit walls or other furniture. By installing wall-to-wall carpeting, you protect the people and animals in your home from the painful consequences of a wall falling or being bumped into. Get a wall-to-wall rug that gives your feet traction.

Thermal insulation

The rugs are soft and warm to the touch. If you live in a cold environment, a floor that retains heat well is beneficial. This can reduce your energy and heating bills in the long run.

Low maintenance

Traditionally, people with allergies or asthma are not recommended to live on carpet. Carpets trap dust and animal hair. Contrary to popular belief, having carpets is still a good thing. Hardwood, stone or tile, animal dander and dust roll onto floors like grass. On the other hand, carpet fibers work well to prevent movement of dust or fur. If you can vacuum your carpet regularly, you can remove potential allergens from the floor and prevent respiratory problems.

Things to consider when Buying Rugs

At Custom Flooring, we not only offer a wide variety of rug styles, but we ship nationwide and offer free floor samples that you can touch and feel in the comfort of your own home. When it's time to think about buying, you can save up to 50% off peak prices and set a delivery date - allowing you to prepare and plan your home renovation!

There's a reason we're #1 Rug Store in Naples, USA. As we know, a carpet makes a room more comfortable and warms your floor. This is a good option if you tend to walk barefoot. Advantages such as sound insulation or a non-slip surface on the stairs. It can easily be lifted onto floorboards or pipes below.

Items dropped on a carpet are less likely to break than items dropped on a hard floor, are easier to find on uneven surfaces, and can hide the problem better. When you need expert help with carpets, rugs and accessories, you can call our flooring experts. The team is well trained in all aspects of flooring design and installation and can work with you to find a rug that fits your budget.

Custom Floors Design
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