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The Role of Construction Management in Sustainable Development

Daphne Khan

Sustainable development has been a concern for numerous industries, especially amidst the increasing economic, social, and environmental challenges. With the introduction of the 2023 agenda, a plan of action was laid out for leaders, stakeholders, and ordinary members of society to contribute to addressing various pertinent problems today.

The key players across industries are called on for more significant sustainability efforts, which include the most resource-driven industry—construction. Project managers in the construction industry can practice sustainability in their projects by using construction management software Australia, ensuring the accuracy of estimations, and keeping close track of the entire construction process.

Construction in Sustainable Development

Even though buildings, facilities, and infrastructures are considered signs of a nation's economic growth, the construction industry must improve on supporting development efforts sustainably. 

Construction projects consume half of the non-renewable resources, accounting for a significant portion of energy consumption, carbon dioxide emissions, waste, and water use.

As the leading resource consumer, the construction industry using document management software must make interventions to improve efficiency operations. The industry must work efficiently to reduce waste and conserve non-renewable materials. The solution for this depends on systematic and ecologically conscious construction management.

Sustainable Practices In The Construction Industry

One of the ways to ensure sustainable construction management is to optimize resources. Construction projects need different valuable resources, including energy, water, and building materials. Managers can effectively make construction projects more sustainable by optimizing resource use, allocating adequate materials needed for the project, and limiting equipment operation.

Another sustainable practice is preventing reworks. Mistakes can cost a lot of money in construction projects. More than the risk of going over the budget, construction errors can lead to higher consumption of valuable resources when performing repairs or reconstructions.

Another sustainable practice for the industry is adopting greener alternatives. Throughout the years, research has been conducted to uncover possible sustainable solutions in the construction industry. It is up to the project managers to explore these greener alternatives and promote sustainable development throughout the construction process. 

Construction managers need to learn about practical green projects and strategies that can help limit the use and consumption of limited natural resources. These initiatives can provide long-term value for clients by decreasing the cost of operations and maintenance.

For more details about the role of construction management in sustainable development, here is a blog by Bizprac.

Daphne Khan
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