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Canada Student Visa: Requirements and Application Process

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Canada Student Visa: Requirements and Application Process

Canada, a dream country for many students in India, is also a beautiful country with friendly people and world-class education. However, before you pack your suitcase to take the next flight to pursue your dream education and life, you need to be aware of the documents you need and the application process for the student visa that a Canada student visa agent in Ahmedabad undertakes so that you can fly to Canada. Let’s begin.

Canada Study Permit: Meaning


The study permit is a document issued by the official authorities of the Canadian government to international students accepted by DLI, which enables them to complete their academics in the Country. However, the study permit cannot confirm your entry into the host country unless you meet the immigration requirements.


Canada Student Visa: Document Requirements


Applying to study or immigrating to an international country demands certain documents, and so is the case with Canada. A lot of documents may vary from profile to profile. However, some of the general documents that trusted visa consultancies like Agile Consultancy consider for the application are.


Relevant Passport


It is essential to have a passport that covers the duration of your academic course or the entire trip.


DLI Acceptance Letter


An acceptance letter from a designated learning institute (DLI) refers to admission confirmation from an immigration department-recognized university. If you apply for Quebec, you will need a Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) issued by the government of Quebec. However, if your course is less than 6 months, a CAQ is optional.


Proof of Funds


It involves proving that you are capable of bearing living and education expenses for the entire duration of your course. You can prove the availability of funds with the following;


  • Canadian bank account
  • Education or student loan
  • GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate)
  • Bank statement or draft
  • A letter from the lender
  • Proof of paid housing and tuition fee
  • Evidence of scholarship, if any


Passport Size Photos


For an offline application, physical photographs are a must. You need an electronic copy that is less than or equal to 4MB in size. In addition, they accept images with plain backgrounds and a minimum size of 35x45MM.


IME (Immigration Medical Examination)


You must send physical copies of your medical examination and X-rays to the CIC. Please note that you must only undergo an examination at listed hospitals or doctors. 


English Proficiency Score


It is advisable to complete IELTS, TOEFL, or any English language exam before you begin with the visa application so that you can attach your score.


Statement of Purpose (SOP)


Also known as the letter of explanation, attaching an SOP with a clear intent of your trip and duration to Canada that is approved by expert consultants at Agile Consultancy is crucial for the government to understand your motive. Many consider SOP as a non-compulsory document. However, we recommend attaching it since your visa approval may depend on the statement.


Canada Student Visa: Overview of the Application Process


  • Confirm the processing duration of the Canada student visa and apply early accordingly.
  • Check whether you need to apply online or on paper (conditions applied for offline application).
  • Fill and attach the VFS consent form with the application.
  • Complete the processing fees requirement.
  • Apply and pay the processing fees for your dependents, if any.
  • Once completed, apply along with the necessary documents.


Wrapping Up


Obtaining a study permit and student visa for Canada can be challenging for those who need to be made aware of the process or the requirements. Thus, taking help from the best Canada student visa consultants in Ahmedabad is wise.

Agile Consultancy
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