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How To Analyze The Performance Of Your Landing Page

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How To Analyze The Performance Of Your Landing Page

The landing page is the most vital weapon for marketing a business nowadays. Even after the investment of many bucks and labor to set up an online platform for business, many projects fail due to a lack of good analysis of the landing page report.

A landing page is the first page a visitor arrives at while visiting a website. The list of all pages a visitor sees first during their session is known as the landing page report. But when you review your website’s landing page report in Google analytics, your field of observation and examination will not remain limited to the landing page only. You have to deal there with all the pages a visitor encountered first during their visiting session.

In the highly competitive field of online marketing, monitoring the landing page’s metrics is one of the most important tasks to do. It keeps a proper track of the traffic demand, which you can utilize while setting up your own business and marketing strategy. The most significant landing page report’s most notable role is visible while working on e-commerce or data cluster type of websites.

Traffic on the Landing Page

The primary metric for landing page visits is the most important before analyzing any other metrics. This is important as it tells you the number of visitors to your landing page. Another help which it does is to track the number of visitors during weekdays and weekends. It gives you the approximate data of the number of visitors to your landing page. Along with this, the next crucial metric analysis is the source of the visitors to your landing page.

Traffic Source in the Landing Page

While traffic is the primary factor in the landing page, traffic source becomes its most important factor. It is indispensable to track the origin of visitors on your landing page. This is important as it helps you chalk out which campaign your landing page is working and which is not. Different traffic source has different outputs. You will encounter visitors from various sources, which includes-

Direct Traffic

Visitors who have entered your landing page typed the URL into the browser’s address bar directly. Their authority is straight from the browser without using any other link from other websites or message forwards.

Referral Traffic

The visitors here, click on a link provided for your landing page on some other website. They do not get to encounter your landing page directly.

Social Media Traffic

Social Media now plays a vital role in landing pages. There are multiples of advertisements that give your landing page traffic. Many of the visitors and users click on a link through those social media posts. Now here, the job is to track down the social network which is providing you traffics.

Search Traffic

Multiple users search a particular keyword in BingGoogle, and Yahoo and end up landing on your page. It’s also called Organic Traffic.

Email Traffic

This consists of users who land up on your landing page by clicking a link to the newsletter and the marketing emails.

Pay Per Click Traffic

The users click on ads in search engines and land up on your landing page.

These six vital traffic sources are significant for analyzing your works, and the campaign has been your best works. You will be able to generate traffic from the best sources only if you know the traffic source metrics. For instance, say the data of your landing page performance metric says that it has gained 89% of traffic for Referral Traffic and 11% of traffic from Pay Per Click traffic, then it will help you work on the best source for your landing page. In this case, the referral traffic shall be the traffic source on which the work is to be done more significantly.

Though, these are not the only ways to analyze your landing page’s performance. It would help if you found out the duration of traffic that stays on your landing page. This is the next metric you need to focus upon.

Session Duration of the Traffics

This metric is about the duration of the average amount of time the visitors have spent on your landing page before leaving the site. However, this metric is only significant if the visitors travel to another page of the same site. The session duration does not work if the visitor leaves the site, whether or not the visitor has spent some or no time on the site.

To track the duration, it is recommended to use Google Event Tracking API to calculate the visitor’s period on the landing page. Once the session duration tracking is done, you need to focus on the rate at which the users leave your landing page after entering it. The metric is popularly known as Bounce Rate.

Bounce Rate of Landing Pages

The Bounce Rate is very vital for evaluating the performance of your landing page. This is related to session duration metrics. It would help if you never forgot the rate at which the viewers, users, or visitors leave your landing page immediately after getting into it through any traffic source. The e-commerce marketers are very keen on the percentage of visitors who leave their landing page without clicking on any other page of their same website. The best is to keep the bounce rate low for your landing page. How will you keep the bouncing rate low on your landing page? It is easy if you pay attention to the content you have on the landing page. You need to make the content enjoyable so that visitors do not just abandon the website but also go through the whole webpage thoroughly, visiting all the pages. Increasing content is one way to keep the bounce rate low. It would help if you encouraged the visitors to not abandon your landing page without visiting other pages. If the volume of bounce rate is high, then the reasons would be-

  1. The page content of the landing page is not valuable.
  2. Page is not compelling enough to the visitors.
  3. UX of the landing page is low.
  4. The message provided on the landing page is misleading and is unclear.
  5. The navigation of the page is complex.

These five factors are why you need to work on the contents of your landing page to keep the bounce rate low.

Ways of Improving Landing Page Performance

Improving landing page performance is essential. Knowing the metrics to evaluate your landing page’s performance is not enough for the landing page’s success. Utilizing the findings is most important for your landing page performance, as you will be able to generate more leads if you have a good understanding. Digital marketers improve their performance by improving their web page performance. It is the same thing for improving the landing pages. Few factors that will help you to improve your landing page-

Catchy Headlines

Have you ever seen the best newspapers making stories? How do they attract you? It is merely by the catchy headlines they provide to their readers. Similarly, your landing page’s profitable campaign needs a catchy headline, which will attract visitors to go through the campaign and visit other pages of the same website through it. This will naturally increase the number of clicks on your page. It is the headline that compels the visitors to enter the page.

Mobile Friendly Pages

Statistics have shown that a page gets most of its traffic from mobile devices.

Removal of Distractions– It is essential to keep away any pop-ups, external links, banners. It generally disturbs the visitor, and they tend to abandon the page at once. Also, it is difficult for the visitor to concentrate on the page. More than 70% of people dislike ads. Hence, eliminating distractions will improve the performance of your landing page.

SEO friendly Landing page

Remember to optimize your page in the search engine. It helps in standing out from your competitors. Also, it helps to increase the clicks on your landing page. The use of unique keywords is the key to success in improving your performance on the landing page. This will help you generate organic searches in the search engine.

These were the few factors that should be ardently followed for improving landing page performance. In other words, you must know the strategies on how to attract visitors.


Keeping it short, do not use landing pages for measuring its performance from time to time. It will lead your campaign to get shaped and converting visitors to leads. All you need to do is follow the factors that will improve your landing page’s performance. Through this, there will be monitoring of the campaign on your landing page. The results will not come overnight, and it will show its effectiveness gradually. So, start evaluating the performance of your landing page today.

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