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Maximizing Your Travel Experience with Duffle Bags

nathan lnes
Maximizing Your Travel Experience with Duffle Bags

Duffle bags are large bags that are generally made of fabric that is either synthetic or fabric. The very first duffle bags used to have a drawstring. Kitbag is another name given to duffle bags. These bags are flexible which is why they can easily be folded. This is also the reason why you can carry pretty much anything in these bags. These bags are available in a range of sizes and have many uses. They can be taken for camping and/or hiking trips. They can be taken for a weekend getaway with friends and family. These are just one of its uses. Duffle bag in NZ is just as popular as it is in other countries of the world.

Packing Duffle Bags

Duffle bags can be packed in several ways. They are easier to pack because of their non-rigid structure. 

  • Making A List: Before you start packing, it is always convenient to make a list of items you want to put in the bags. As the bags are flexible, you can keep heavy to medium-heavy items with ease. Make sure you do not keep very sharp ones because they may pierce the material of the bag. Arranging the items in the bag in an organized manner will prevent them from getting stuffed and ensure that the maximum possible space is utilized. 

  • Know What To Pack First: While you are putting things in the bag, start with the ones that are heavy and you will not have to take them out during an emergency. For example, keep your identification documents at the top of the pile so that when you are asked to produce them, you can do so in no time. Identification documents are high-priority items. Water bottles can also be included under this category because you may get weary during the journey. Keeping them at the bottom of the pile may involve taking out all the other items which will make a mess and reduce your pace not to mention give rise to irritation. Pack things you know you will take out first when you reach your destination. In other words, pack items on the level of their priority.

  • Packing Clothes: When you pack clothes in your duffle bag in NZ, roll them in a cylindrical shape. This will ensure that they are not taking up too much space. This can also prevent wrinkling of the clothes significantly. If you are putting shoes in the bag, keep socks inside the same. You can also keep socks on top of a shirt and then fold the latter in a cylindrical manner to conserve maximum space. 

Things to Keep In Mind

There will always be things to consider before investing. Duffle bags are also an investment and if the result is awry then it would be a bad one. Everyone wants good returns and if the bag falls apart after spending for the same, then it would leave a bad taste in the mouth.

  • The Size of The Bag: This depends on what the user(s) will use the bag for. Of course, there are other factors here at play as well. Gym duffle bags are usually smaller than the ones used for travelling. Because these bags are so easy to carry, they can be taken anywhere regardless of their size. Duffle bags and sleeping bags in New Zealand often go hand in hand when it comes to camping.

  • Features: The number of chambers in such bags depends from one bag to another. The material used to make the bags also is something that has to be considered. You can buy bags made of leather. On top of that, waterproof bags are also a huge plus for buyers. Bags made of leather are very durable. Canvas duffle bags are also a great alternative.

  • Budget: Finally, there is the budget. Considering this aspect is essential before making plans to buy the bag. There are no absolutes. The budget and what the bag offers have a say. 

The Benefits of Duffle Bags

There are no doubts duffle bags look good but there are other benefits of these bags as well such as durability, space, and more. Two of them are:

  • Blending For Regular Use: It is a known fact that duffle bags in NZ are available in a range of sizes. There are duffle bags for gyms and there are ones for camping. Bags for gyms are smaller and the ones for travel are usually larger. 

  • Comfort: Duffle bags are incredibly simple to carry. Since they are flexible, they will withstand years of rough use, provided the material is durable.


If you are looking to enhance your travelling experience, duffle bags in New Zealand are the way to go. Lightweight and with ample space, they are the perfect travel accessories you can ask for. And with Dwights, you can rest assured that it will be smooth sailing on your trip.

nathan lnes
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