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Best Augmented Reality Based Mobile Apps

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Best Augmented Reality Based Mobile Apps

Augmented reality is making breakthroughs in areas such as health, education, marketing, and business sectors, as well as government and non-government sectors, beyond its default application in the gaming and entertainment industries.

The impact of AR technology is inevitable. Augmented reality games are already with you - generating millions and making a huge impact. AR apps are at the cutting edge of technology thanks to cutting-edge graphics and a lifelike experience.

Top mobile app development company in Bangalore develops AR  apps at the cutting edge of technology. It creates a wide range of business and administrative prospects. Without the need for expensive equipment or computing devices, augmented reality (AR) mixes digital elements with the environment of the real world on a screen.

The Augmented Reality (AR) measurement app, which aids in calculating the length or distance between any two spots, is one of the practical applications of AR. It's important to keep in mind that while the AR measure is entertaining to use, it doesn't provide a particularly accurate approximation of the measure.

Best Augmented Reality-Based Mobile Apps

1. IKEA Square:

You might not expect to see an IKEA app on this list, but hear us out. IKEA Place changes the way consumers think about furniture.

The Swedish household name has created an app where people can virtually add 3D models to their homes and see what furniture might look like before buying.

IKEA Place helps people decorate their rooms comfortably with just one tap on their phones. Turn on your camera, look up IKEA app development cost, and scan rooms. Place items around the house and see what you like. These models are expandable to accommodate your house. Shop for your next sofa with help from IKEA Place.

2. Air measurement:

You can instantly use the AirMeasure App to measure anything around you, whether it's a table, sofa, bed, door, or wall. It's almost like having a virtual tape measure in your pocket, ready to take measurements. It has 18 measuring tools to choose from, any of which you can use at your convenience.

You can measure the street you often walk, your height, the height of the house, the length, width, and height of the box, and so on. Floor plans and wall designs can also be done with camera clicks.

3. Scope:

ScopeAR's Remote AR app allows maintenance personnel or any other worker/person on the factory floor to remotely receive AR video image-based instructions, text-based and other annotations, chat, and general instructions from experts without the need for the experts to travel and do the maintenance themselves.

4. Google Lens:

Google Lens aims to enrich lives through the use of augmented reality and artificial intelligence. To date, more than 500 million users have signed up for Google Lens, and that number is growing exponentially. With Google Lens - anyone can pull out their phone and scan nearby landmarks, text, images, and objects. 

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Expand your knowledge and understand the world in a better way with Google Lens. Google is gradually bringing AR and AI together — integrating them into all its other apps. Below the list, we'll also discuss Google Translate and Google Maps. The changes are profound.

5. AR ruler app:

An exceptional app for measuring tangible objects is called AR Ruler. It quantifies linear dimensions in centimeters, meters, millimeters, inches, feet and yards. It can also measure corners and dimensions in a 3D plane. In addition, objects, surface areas and perimeters of rooms, and heights of large and small objects can also be measured directly on the phone screen. Also, in this application, you can generate plan projections that can be exported in PDF format. It has all the specs you would expect from a typical tape measure and more.

6. Sketch AR:

Bring out the artist with SketchAR. A better way to draw is now possible thanks to AR-capable apps. SketchAR helps people unlock their artistic potential digitally.

The perfect combination of high-performance computing augmented reality and artificial intelligence. You need two things. paper and smartphone. Open the camera on SketchAR and you will be able to see virtual lines on paper. Take a pencil and draw along the lines.

More precisely, turning images into art through AR. SketchAR also allows users to monetize their art and be part of a larger community

7. My Measures:

My Measures is an app with easy-to-use features like annotating anything with arrows, text notes, and many other such options. The camera in My Measures also uses augmented reality to make it super easy to virtually measure anything with your smartphone's camera. The app is also very well designed, with folder arrangements and quick search options.

Also has different measurement units such as imperial, metric, and Japanese units. So, no need to worry about sharing issues as the app has file-sharing options for different file formats like pdf and jpg. The app also allows you to synchronize with Leica Disto laser measuring instrument support for fast and accurate entry of project measurements.

8. Quiver:

Quiver is a coloring app based on AR technology. Quiver offers children an experience that can ignite magic and add color to their lives.

An app where kids can bring inspiration and creativity together to create amazing products.

Quiver promises to make learning fun for kids. There are more than 150 interactive AR scenes in the Quiver library. Educators can use characters like AR animals or airplanes to guide students and help them with fun activities.

9. CamToPlan:

Due to its simplicity and ability to measure both distances and surfaces, CamToPlan stands out from other measurement apps. You can also create your own horizontal and vertical floor layouts with the CamToPlan software. Additionally, it contains an augmented reality capability that enables quick measurement of anything virtually using a smartphone camera. Objects like bookcases, walls, ceilings, floors, and tables may all be measured using this app.


We explored apps that use augmented reality and found that the best AR apps are those with real-world applications in health, gaming, education, training, and more. Also, the best AR-on-the-go is an app based on a smartphone and a portable AR headset.

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