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Video Funnels | Building Your Brand Using Video - iConnectFX

Video Funnels | Building Your Brand Using Video - iConnectFX

Based on the statistics, about 67% of people purchase after watching a branded social media video. This says a lot about the success of video marketing, and if you are ready to dive into that strategy, this is the right time to know about it. More than that, you must also learn about video funnels for marketing to see the real value of using videos for brand promotion. Video funnels are a simple way to incorporate videos into your content strategy. 

Nowadays, videos are a creative advantage in terms of effective marketing to promote brands. So, if you are still not doing it like others, you are definitely behind the market. Video marketing is booming, and many video marketers are well-aware of how engaging and attractive creative videos are. Among the top benefits of video marketing is a successful help in growing a brand. After all, watching videos is a little more interesting than reading long writings, right?

Let’s dive deeper into knowing video funnels and how they work. 

What are Video Funnels, and how do they work?

Video funnels are a funnel that utilizes a collection of videos that are meant to attract, educate and convert buyers. With that said, these videos must be created to be interesting and creative so they can effectively streamline customer acquisition. They must be alive 24/7 to accelerate the sales cycle because they must work to guide the audience all the way through the buyer’s journey. Educating the audience is just part of the goal of video funnels, but the ultimate plan is to convert them into buyers. 

Because of the medium, video funnels have all the means to drive your marketing success. Simply put, video funnels are a compelling strategy to turn people from strangers into leads and customers. To give you a more precise idea, here are how video funnels work: 

  • People will search online and bump into your brand and content. They will be more curious if they have something to see, like video funnels. 
  • As your audience watches your presented videos, they can find answers to what they initially searched for. This usually takes place at the top of your funnel. They can proceed on their journey down your funnel if they find the videos engaging. 
  • Your audience will be converted to buyers as they reach the end of the funnel. It is not uncommon that people don’t buy immediately. Hence, marketing surely matters. 

Certainly, video funnels are designed to guide buyers along their journeys. Here are the goals of each part:

1. Attract strangers to be the audience at the top of the video funnel

2. Educate at the middle of the video funnel

3. Convert educated buyers into leads and customers at the bottom of the video funnel

4. Retention at the bottom of the video funnel for marketing 

Steps to create your video funnels for sales

Creating a video funnel sounds great and interesting, right? If you agree, take this chance to build your video funnel. Below are the general steps you can follow: 

1. Conduct an audit

When conducting an audit, it is helpful to review your performance. The primary goal is to identify your video content gaps in each stage if you already have a funnel. This is the step where you will determine why your brand is slowly growing. 

2. Gather some intelligence

Your video funnel must be filled with an engaging collection of videos. Because of that, you must choose valuable materials. You can choose them if you already have what moves your buyers to purchase. More than that, it is better to know what buyers want out of a product like yours. Also, it is helpful to have competitive research to know how to attract buyers. 

3. Set goals

Suppose you already know what’s missing in your marketing strategy combined with discovering how the competition is performing. In that case, it is now the right time to set some goals aligned with that knowledge. Remember that goals are vital because they can efficiently guide your performance and act as the benchmark for the results. 

4. Create content

After setting goals, creating content comes next. You need to create content that is head and shoulders above the rest. Always focus on what can help your buyers and what can convince them that it is advantageous to choose your brand compared with your competitors. 

5. Promote your content 

It is not enough to just create great content; you should pave the way so that many can see it. Promotion is the key. That said, you must share it as far and wide as possible. That way, many potential buyers will also get to see it. Use social media and other video-sharing platforms to reach a wider audience. 

Video Funnels: Partner with iConnectFX

Indeed, video funnels are a must today since they can streamline lead and sales generation. If you want to build a greater connection to the audience, iConnectFX can be a great partner, including in video marketing. Don’t waste any time; learn to create video funnels to help you with your brand goals. 

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