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The Top Shooting Drills for Basketball Players: A Comprehensive Guide

David Willis

Shooting is one of the fundamental skills in basketball, and it can make or break a player's performance on the court. To become a proficient shooter, you need to invest time and effort into practicing the right shooting drills. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the top shooting drills for intermediate basketball players. Whether you're a shooting guard, small forward, or center, these drills will help you develop accuracy, consistency, and confidence in your shooting abilities. So, grab your basketball and let's get started!

Importance of consistent practice of Basketball shooting drills


Consistent practice of basketball shooting drills is of utmost importance for any aspiring shooter in the game. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, dedicating time to honing your shooting skills can significantly impact your performance on the court. In this article, we'll explore the importance of consistent practice and how it can benefit shooters in their basketball journey.

First and foremost, consistent practice allows shooters to develop muscle memory. By repeating best shooting drill for basketball over and over again, your body becomes familiar with the movements and techniques required for accurate shooting. Muscle memory is crucial for shooters because it enables them to shoot effortlessly and instinctively during games. When you're under pressure and the clock is ticking, relying on muscle memory ensures that your shooting form remains consistent and reliable.

Moreover, consistent practice helps shooters improve their shooting accuracy and consistency. Shooting drills provide ample opportunities to refine shooting techniques, adjust shooting angles, and develop a soft touch. The more shots you take, the more feedback you receive about your shooting form and areas that need improvement. Regular practice sessions allow you to identify weaknesses and work on them to become a more accurate shooter.


Another benefit of consistent practice is the development of confidence. Shooting drills offer a controlled environment for shooters to experiment with different shots and build confidence in their abilities. As you see your shooting percentages improve over time, your confidence as a shooter will soar. This confidence will translate onto the court, allowing you to take crucial shots without hesitation and make a significant impact on the game.

To enhance consistent practice, the use of shooting machines, such as a Basketball machine or shooting machine, can be immensely helpful. These shooter Basketball machines provide precise and consistent passes, allowing shooters to focus solely on their shooting mechanics. They can simulate game-like scenarios, adjust shooting angles, and even track shooting statistics. Incorporating shooting machines into your practice routine can optimize your training and make it more efficient.

Now let’s talk about the Shooting Drills.

Form and Technique

Before diving into advanced shooting drills, it's crucial to ensure you have the right shooting form and technique. This section will focus on drills that emphasize proper shooting mechanics, helping you develop a solid foundation for your shooting skills.

1.1 Squat and Shoot

Start by assuming a low squat position with your knees bent, back straight, and feet shoulder-width apart. Hold the basketball in your shooting hand, and as you rise from the squat, jump straight up and release the ball, using proper shooting form. This drill helps improve your leg strength, balance, and shooting technique.

1.2 Chair Shooting

Place a chair a few feet in front of the basket. Begin shooting from various positions on the court while visualizing the chair as a defender. This drill forces you to concentrate on your shooting form while shooting over an obstacle, simulating game-like scenarios.

Mid-Range Shooting

Developing a consistent mid-range shot is essential for any basketball player. This section will cover shooting drills that focus on improving your accuracy and confidence in mid-range shooting situations.

2.1 One-Dribble Pull-Up

Start at the three-point line and take one dribble towards the basket. As you gather the ball, rise up into your shooting motion and release the shot. Repeat from different spots around the perimeter. This drill helps you work on your footwork, balance, and shooting touch while incorporating a dribble move.

2.2 Around the World

Position yourself at various spots around the free-throw line extended. Start by shooting from the first spot and move to the next one clockwise after each shot. This drill helps you develop consistency from different angles and distances, improving your mid-range shooting ability.


Three-Point Shooting

In today's fast-paced basketball, being a threat from beyond the arc can greatly impact your team's offensive efficiency. This section focuses on shooting drills that enhance your three-point shooting skills.

3.1 Catch-and-Shoot

Have a partner pass you the ball from different spots around the three-point line. Catch the ball in shooting position and release the shot in one smooth motion. This drill improves your shooting speed, footwork, and shooting accuracy while simulating game-like catch-and-shoot situations.

3.2 Spot-Up Shooting

Position yourself at multiple spots behind the three-point line and shoot a set number of shots from each spot. Maintain proper shooting form and aim for a high shooting percentage. This drill helps develop muscle memory and consistency in shooting from various positions on the perimeter.

Game-Like Situations

To become a well-rounded shooter, you must practice shooting drills that mimic real-game situations. This section will introduce drills that challenge your shooting abilities in game-like scenarios.

4.1 The Mikan Drill

Start underneath the basket, facing it, with a basketball in hand. Shoot a layup with your dominant hand, grab the rebound, and shoot with your non-dominant hand. Repeat this sequence continuously, alternating between dominant and non-dominant hand layups. This drill improves your close-range shooting, hand-eye coordination, and rebounding skills.

4.2 Dribble Penetration Kick-Outs

Begin by driving towards the basket with the ball, attracting defenders. As the defense collapses, kick the ball out to an open teammate positioned behind the three-point line. This drill helps you practice shooting in game-like situations, where you need to make quick decisions and capitalize on open shots.

Competition and Pressure

Shooting drills that incorporate competition and pressure situations can help you develop mental toughness and improve your shooting accuracy in high-stress game moments. This section will introduce drills that simulate such situations.

5.1 Free-Throw Contest

Challenge a teammate or yourself to a free-throw shooting contest. Set a target number of free throws to make within a specific time limit. This drill helps you practice shooting under pressure, as you compete against others or try to beat your personal best.

5.2 Beat the Clock

Set a timer and attempt to make as many shots as possible from various spots on the court within a specific time frame. This drill improves your shooting speed, decision-making, and shooting accuracy under time constraints.




Mastering the art of shooting is a continuous process that requires dedication and consistent practice. By incorporating these best shooting drills for basketball, into your training regimen, you'll enhance your shooting mechanics, develop a reliable mid-range shot, become a deadly three-point shooter, excel in game-like situations, and thrive under pressure. So, grab your basketball and start practicing these drills to elevate your shooting game to the next level!

David Willis
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