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How to Unblock Yourself on Instagram [Guide to Fix]

Unblock on Instagram
How to Unblock Yourself on Instagram [Guide to Fix]

Someone has blocked you, they are not unblocking you, and now still, you want to be unblocked yourself? Then you've arrived at the right place.

Blocking can be a terrific technique to temporarily prevent someone from viewing your posts, but it works best if you also make your account private. But, If you need to view private profiles without getting the permission of the owner, then IMGLookup is the service for you.

Let's take a look at how blocking people on Instagram works and how to unblock people on Instagram on both web and mobile. Take control of your privacy by learning how to unblock yourself on Instagram. 

Can You Unblock Yourself on Instagram?

Once someone blocks you on Instagram, it can be hard to get you back onto their feed. Follow this guide on how to unblock yourself on Instagram.

This goes against the whole point of the block function, so there are no workarounds either. Be wary of third-party apps like private Instagram profile viewers; that claim to do so, as Instagram has made it completely impossible to unblock yourself.

While there is a trick to view the account that has blocked you, there is no way to circumvent that block. If someone has blocked you on Instagram, only that person has the power to unblock you.

What Happens When Someone Blocks You on Instagram? 

If you're thinking about using the blocking feature on your Instagram profile, you may be wondering what will actually happen. Will they know? What will they see if they search for your profile? If you suspect someone else has blocked you on Instagram, you may have similar questions. Let's look at what happens when someone blocks you on Instagram.

What's The Difference Between Restricting and Blocking on Instagram?

On Instagram, restricting and blocking are two different actions with distinct implications:

1. Restricting: When you restrict someone on Instagram, their interactions and visibility are limited. They can still see your posts and profile, but their comments are only visible to them, and you won't receive any notifications from them. 

Direct messages from a restricted user are moved to a hidden folder, and you can choose to review or ignore them. Restricting is a more subtle form of control, often used to handle minor annoyances or maintain privacy.

2. Blocking: Blocking someone on Instagram is more severe. It completely cuts off communication between you and the blocked user. You can prevent someone from seeing your profile, posts, or stories by blocking them. 

Additionally, they cannot send you messages or tag you in posts. Blocking is typically employed when dealing with more significant issues like harassment, unwanted attention, or when you want to entirely remove someone's access to your content and account.

In summary, restricting limits a user's interactions and visibility without completely cutting them off, while blocking completely severs all communication and access to your Instagram account.

Another Way to Unblock Instagram - a Step-by-Step Guide

Pick a VPN – You may already subscribe to a VPN service, and if that’s the case, then you should be fine: any decent provider won’t have trouble unblocking Instagram. 

Install the VPN Software – Download and Install the VPN client. Install it on your phone if you access Instagram that way, as most will, or your desktop PC if you use that.

Open the VPN App – This will take you through the initial setup, including granting any relevant permissions in terms of privacy conditions or usage of your device.

Hit ‘connect’ – Press the obvious ‘connect’ button to automatically hook up with the nearest, usually fastest, VPN server. This is all that’s needed to unblock Instagram at an office or college, as it’ll make you appear to be using a device outside of the building, side-stepping the blockade.

Choose another server – For getting around a blanket ban in a country, find the list of servers in the main menu – or sometimes a geographical map is used – and choose a VPN server outside of the country you’re in. 

Enjoy Instagram – With the service unblocked, you’re now free to use Instagram as normal.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I unblock someone who blocked me?

Ans: To unblock the person who blocked you, you just have to go to settings; then, in the blocking section, you can unblock the person who blocked you only if you also blocked the person.

Q. Is It Possible to unblock yourself from someone's phone?

Ans: If you have confirmation that someone has blocked your contact on their phone, there's one way to view their profiles; A Private Instagram viewer tool allows you to examine images and other actions on private Instagram accounts.

Q. How can I message someone who blocked me on Instagram?

Ans: The straight answer is NO. You can't. Here's how the block feature works: when you block someone, you can't receive any message from them.

Q. Can I follow someone who blocked me on Instagram?

Ans: In Summary, If someone blocks you on Instagram, you won't be able to follow their profile or like their photos anymore. 

Final Words

Unblocking yourself on Instagram can be a tricky task since the platform does not provide a direct feature for it, but following our guides, you can easily view the Instagram posts that've blocked you. Also, you can use third-party apps to view their posts, stories, etc.

However, by understanding the block feature and exploring alternative approaches, you can regain access to your blocked connections. If you are someone who has got theirs blocked, then the above guide should help you unblock it. 

Unblock on Instagram
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