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Top Agriculture Tools Name and Uses- Khetigaadi

Top Agriculture Tools Name and Uses- Khetigaadi

Agriculture tools play a pivotal role in shaping modern agricultural practices, empowering farmers to efficiently cultivate their land and maximize productivity. From traditional agriculture hand tools to advanced machinery, the wide array of agriculture tools available today cater to various tasks, ensuring efficient crop management and resource utilization.   

From hand tools like hoes and shovels to advanced machinery like tractors and harvesters, there is a wide array of tools used by farmers to cultivate their land and ensure a successful harvest. Khetigaadi is a leading platform that provides information and resources related to agricultural tools and equipment. Here are some top farm tools names. 


Agricultural Tools Name and Uses:

  • Tractor: Tractors are versatile machines used in various farming operations. They are primarily used for ploughing, tilling, sowing, harrowing, and transporting agricultural produce. Tractor comes in different sizes and power ranges to suit different farm sizes and requirements. Tractor price depend on various factors such as brand, model, features, horsepower, and country of purchase. 

  • Harvester: Harvesters, also known as combine harvesters, are used for efficiently harvesting crops such as wheat, rice, corn, and soybeans. They perform the functions of reaping, threshing, and winnowing in a single operation, reducing labor and time requirements.

  • Seed Drill: Seed drills are sowing machines used to plant seeds in a precise and uniform manner. They ensure optimal seed-to-soil contact, promote even fertilization, and help in the efficient use of seeds. Seed drills are commonly used for planting crops like wheat, maize, soybeans, and pulses.

  • Sprayer: Sprayers are used to control pests, diseases, and weeds by applying insecticides, herbicides, fertilisers, and other crop protection chemicals. They come in various types, including boom sprayers, knapsack sprayers, and air-assisted sprayers, and help ensure healthy crop growth.

  • Baler: Balers are agricultural implements used to compress and bind crop residues, such as hay, straw, and corn stalks, into compact bales. The baler machine can be easily transported and stored, providing fodder for livestock or raw material for various industries.

  • Plough: A plough, or plough, is an implement used for turning and loosening the soil, preparing it for planting. It helps in weed control, improves soil aeration, and promotes water infiltration. Ploughs can be moldboard ploughs, disc ploughs, chisel ploughs, or rotary ploughs, each suited for different soil and cropping conditions.

  • Cultivator: Cultivators are used to stir and pulverize the soil, typically after plowing, to control weeds and improve soil structure. They break up soil clods, remove weeds, and create a favourable seedbed. Cultivators can be tractor-mounted or handheld, depending on the scale of the operation.

  • Shovels: Shovels are versatile agriculture tools used in various farming tasks, including digging, lifting, and moving soil, compost, and other materials. They are required for planting, transplanting, and soil modification. Shovels of many shapes and sizes, such as round-point shovels, square-point shovels, and so on.

  • Threshers: A thresher is a vital agriculture tool used for separating grains from harvested crops. It efficiently removes edible parts, such as wheat, rice, or barley, from the stalks and husks. Threshers significantly reduce manual labor, increase productivity, and contribute to streamlining the post-harvest process in farming operations.


  • Power Tiller: A power tiller is a versatile machine used for various agricultural tasks. They are commonly used for ploughing, harrowing, cultivating, and weeding small to medium-sized fields. With their compact size and manoeuvrability, power tillers are ideal for small-scale farming, garden maintenance, and intercropping operations, offering convenience and efficiency to farmers. The price of power tiller is affordable for farmers.


These are some of the top farming tools names used in a variety of farming operations. Farmers rely on this equipment to increase productivity, reduce labour, and improve overall efficiency in their agricultural practices. For more information about agriculture tools, tractor, tractor price and tractor videos, visit khetigaadi.com.

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