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Bharat sharma
How Do I Fix Leaks In Ac Units?

Air conditioners that leak water typically have an underlying issue, which makes them a problem in more ways than one. They make a big mess in your house. It may be necessary to solve an issue with the drain line, evaporator coil, or filter right away. If needed, contact the AC repair service in your area to get the right solution for your problem.


In this post, we'll look at the top causes of water leaks from air conditioners and discuss what we can do to stop them. Determine whether your air conditioner is leaking water or refrigerant first. If it is, an HVAC professional will need to fix it.

Full Drain Pan

A full drain pan is the most typical cause of an air conditioning system leak. Condensation is produced by the air conditioner when it cools heated air, and it is gathered in a drain pan. When the air is humid and there is more moisture building up in the pan, the drain pan may overflow. Your air conditioner leaks water as a result of this overflow.

Obstruction in the Condensate Drain Line

An obstruction in the drain pipe is another typical cause of an AC unit leak. Condensation may back up into the unit because the drain line may be blocked by dirt and debris. To solve the problem, you must manually clear the condensate drain pipe.


Alternately, your AC unit's condensate pump might be damaged and not be able to remove moisture. As a result, water enters your house through the interior air conditioning unit since the moisture has nowhere else to go. A functional condensate pump must be used in its stead.

Unclean Air Filter

Leaking water is one of the issues that dirty air filters may create for your air conditioner. The appliance may freeze and start to leak water when the ice melts due to a filthy filter. The filter dust has the potential to enter the drain pipe and plug it, allowing water to back up into your air conditioner.


Clean the filter with soap and water after removing it. If the filter is frozen, let it defrost and then scrape the air filter mesh gently with a soft brush. Before reinstalling the filter in your air conditioner, let it dry. If the problem doesn’t fix, then you must search for the best AC maintenance expert in your area.

Freezing Evaporator Coil

A dirty evaporator coil will, like a dirty filter, cause the air conditioner's components to freeze, which will lead to water leaks when the ice melts. A frozen air conditioner will leak water into your home, especially if the leak occurs when the air conditioner is being turned off. To avoid causing more harm, you must wait until the ice has melted before cleaning the evaporator coil.

Refrigerant Leak

Your air conditioner may occasionally leak refrigerant rather than actual water. You most certainly have refrigerant leaks if you hear bubbling noises and see a minor leak that may or may not have frozen up.


If you believe your air conditioner is leaking refrigerant, get in touch with the best AC repair service right once since freon may irritate your skin and lungs when touched or breathed in. If there is a refrigerant leak, keep away from the area and immediately switch off the air conditioner if you detect one.


Here are some solutions you can work on and fix the problem on your own.

Empty the Drain Pan

An air conditioner that is leaking water from its drain pan can be easily fixed. You only need to remove the moisture that has accumulated in the drain pan to restart your air conditioner. Pay notice when your drain pan starts to fill up and make a strategy to drain the water out before it overflows. This is particularly recommended for air conditioners that are portable and floor models.

Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance

All types of air conditioning systems require routine cleaning. You can trust that the professionals will do the task quickly and successfully since we provide comprehensive, deep cleaning services for all makes and models of air conditioners. At least twice a year, we advise having your AC unit professionally cleaned.

Frequently Change The Air Filter

It is easy to clean the air filter at home with only little water, regular soap, or detergent. Use a soft-bristled brush to remove any embedded debris from the filter once every two weeks to keep your air conditioner operating efficiently.

Correct Any Problems Immediately

At the first sign of an issue or difficulty with your air conditioner, such as a gas leak, broken parts, or electrical issues, search for an AC repair near me right once. If you are not accustomed to working with equipment, never try to fix an air conditioner on your own, and never tackle electrical issues.


Don't simply call an air conditioner repair business when anything goes wrong with it; your air conditioner would benefit significantly from a regular maintenance checkup to make sure all of its components are working properly. You'll identify weak places before they cause issues and avert long-term, expensive repairs.


More issues with the air conditioner? For how-to articles and beneficial advice, go through our blog! 

Bharat sharma
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