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7 Signs Your AC Unit Is Low On Refrigerant

Steffan Brown
7 Signs Your AC Unit Is Low On Refrigerant

Air conditioners are an important part of your summer lifestyle If you want to say goodbye to yoursweat-laden clothes you should be taking the best care of your HVAC sets.


The ac comes with its own guarantees and warranties but you can't just ignore the repair and maintenance calls. If the AC is not provided proper attention and maintenance, numerous consequent issues can happen. The major issue that could cost you pay a lot would be air conditioner refrigerant low levels.


The low refrigerant in the AC could make you pay for higher energy bills and could affect the working of other AC parts.Learn to identify the 7 signs your AC unit is low on refrigerant.


1. Inability to Cool the Room

When it's hot and your AC is your only savior, isn't it? But whenever you turn on the AC to get the cooling it's not able to cool the room. The expected cooling is never happening in the room, this is the basic sign of understanding your AC is running low on refrigerant. 


2. Hot Air Blown Out Of The AC Set

After turning on the AC if the vents are blowing you hot air instead of the cool breeze, consider it a sign. The hot air is a sign that you need some more refrigerant for your air conditioner. Call for the best AC repair services by 75DegreeAC and get it refilled!


3. Unachieved Desired Room Temperature

This is when you set the temperature of your AC at a number and it never reaches the desired temperature ever? The thermostat is not able to give you the desired results? This calls for an AC gas refill by an HVAC services provider into your HVAC set.


4. Surprising Rise In Energy Bills

The sudden rise in energy bills could be an add-on expense disturbing your finance budget every month. Although there could be several reasons for it including the freon low in AC can make your AC run compressors for longer to achieve the targetted cool temperature. This will in turn lead to high energy consumption by the HVAC set.


5. Ice Build-Up on Copper Tubes

Check for the leakages if any persists. The frozen ice around the copper tubes is one of the signs to look for refrigerant leakage. There could be ice buildup near the evaporator coil too. So put on that detective hat and hold the magnifying glasses to find the signs like these and call for an immediate refill of the AC gas.

6. Puddles Around The Furnace

Believe us! These puddles wont be fun to discover around the furnace. The ice once frozen will melt and form water puddles around the furnace. The refrigerant in AC is low and resulting in all these after effects.


7. Unusual Noticeable Hissing Noise

Since we live in the age of technology you must be very well aware of all the electronic appliances' sounds. Any unfamiliar yet noticeable hissing sound is a sign that your AC unit is leaking the freon. The leakage of this AC gas is not good of course.


A quick tip:Want to know how to check the level of refrigerant for your AC? Although it is not an easy thing because you will have to put gages to check the readings to figure out the level of refrigerant by helping you understand the leak detection.

OR simply call us! We are always available to help you.

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Final Thought


We at 75DegreeAC are well versed and backed with the experience of more than a decade to repair the air conditioning units of almost every brand. You can rely on us for the freon refill but to make your AC last longer you should know that maintenance is one of the most major care routines for the HVAC set you own.

Instead of looking for the signs of trouble, you could possibly save your time and energy by maintaining the AC at least twice a year. Sometimes if the installation process has not been carried out by an experienced service provider these issues can be happening to choose the best service partner like 75DegreeAC who has it all, we've got you covered by providing both AC repair and AC installation services.

Consider these signs as a warning and check for the urgent availability of HVAC services provider. 

Steffan Brown
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