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Methods to Resolve Orbi Blue Light Stays On

Seth Rollens
Methods to Resolve Orbi Blue Light Stays On

When a solid blue light appears on the Orbi and disappears after some seconds, then it indicates that the router and the satellites are synced and the internet is ready to use.But what if it doesn’t disappear? However, if the blue light didn’t disappear, then it means there’s something wrong with your router connection to the satellite. 

Hope now you have understood why Orbi Blue Light Stays On issue occurs, now it is time to fix it as soon as possible. Obey the following instructions to rectify the same problem. 

1. Update Orbi Firmware

At times, updating the device fixes all the minor glitches and bugs from the device. As if your Orbi is not updated to its latest version, then it can also lead to the same issue. Here is how to update the Orbi firmware. 

  • To do this, first, you have to log in to your Orbi router.
  • Then go to the “Admin” dashboard.
  • And then click on the “Advance” tab and then on “Administration.”
  • Now tap on “Firmware Update” and then on “Online Update.”
  • After this, tap on the check button, to see all the available updates.
  • Now if any new update is available, then click on the “Update All” option.
  • And once the update successfully completed, then restart the router and satellite.

2. Connect the Satellite Again

Another method to resolve the Orbi Blue Light Stays On issue is, to reconnect the satellite again. Syncing the main router with your main router again may help you in fixing the same issue. Follow the below instructions to do the same.

  • Firstly, make sure, that the satellite is close enough to the main router.
  • After this, connect the satellite to the power source.
  • And when the light on the satellite turn white, press the sync button, located on the back side of the satellite.
  • Then also within 2 minutes, press the sync button on the back side of the router.
  • Now when the light turns solid blue, then this indicates that the connection has been successfully established.
  • And once you successfully resync the satellite to the main router, wait and see if the blue light disappears or not. 

3. Check the Cables Connection

If the above steps don’t help you out, then here is another method to fix the same issue, which is to check the cable connection. Because cable or port can easily make the entire network connection unstable and non-functional.

So, if you notice the Orbi Blue Light Stays On issue, then you can resolve this issue by the following instructions.

  • Ensure the cable is inserted appropriately.
  • See if there are any damaged cables.
  • If the cable is damaged, then replace them with a new one.
  • Also, make sure there is no water or dust deposition on the port.

Sum up

Hopefully, the above troubleshooting techniques will help you with How to fix Orbi Blue Light Stays On issue. So, before asking for help from someone, follow the above steps to rectify the Orbi Blue Light Stays On issue.

Seth Rollens
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