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Corporate Travel Insurance- Things Worth Remembering

Yuvraj Singh
Corporate Travel Insurance- Things Worth Remembering

Corporate travel insurance health coverage policies are readily available throughout the UAE (United Arab Emirates). Being an owner of a business is not just about expanding your operations and earning higher profits. Another responsibility that you have is taking suitable care of all your employees. From group health insurance and benefits on the job to bonuses and other perks, there are several ways in which you can accomplish the same. Business travel insurance coverage is a good way to ensure financial protection for employees whenever they have to travel for work. Here’s knowing a little more about corporate travel insurance in Dubai.


Corporate Travel Insurance- Key Points Worth Noting

Business travel insurance or corporate travel insurance is a great option for employers on several counts. Here are some points worth noting in this regard:

•   Corporate or business travel insurance is a special type of insurance policy which is tailored for companies or businesses.

•   This extends overall coverage to include employees and employers who have to travel for work.

•   These plans are similar to basic individual travel insurance and come with similar benefits as well.

•   When an employee suffers due to an accident while travelling on work, the company can meet financial liabilities arising from the same with proper insurance plans.

•   Corporate travel insurance policies should cover repatriation costs, emergency medical costs, evacuation costs, 24-7 emergency assistance, coverage for travel-linked losses like money theft, baggage losses/damages, credit card fraud, and the loss of travel documents.

•   These plans should also cover missed flights and other transportation along with baggage delays and plane hijack cover along with legal fees, personal liability coverage, and bail bond benefits.

•   Other inclusions should cover personal accident coverage, trip cancellation coverage, and rental vehicle damage coverage.

•   There are several add-ons including participation in adventure sports, terrorism, and protection in high-risk countries.


There are a few exclusions that may be applicable for these policies:

•   Injuries arising from illegal activities.

•   Injuries due to suicide attempts or self-harm.

•   Damages from acts of war like riots, terrorism, and foreign invasions.

•   Damages or injuries due to the influence of drugs, explosions, or radioactive substances.

•   Damages or injuries due to driving without a valid permit.


Why You Should Purchase Corporate Travel Insurance

If you are a business entity, you should consider buying corporate or business travel insurance for several reasons. These include the following:

•   Lower financial liabilities and risks for the company in case of any mishaps suffered by employees on work trips.

•   Suitable protection for employees while traveling for work while also ensuring coverage for various health issues, emergencies, or technical problems.

•   You can get a single coverage option for all your employees and also the management/employer team.

•   When you are safeguarded financially by such a plan, you will get assistance immediately for accessing the support solutions and helplines of the insurance company.

•   This will ensure higher peace of mind for employers and employees alike.


Hence, opting for corporate travel insurance is a wise move for any company or business entity in Dubai. You should compare the features and benefits carefully before finalizing your decision.

Yuvraj Singh
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