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Beyond the Glass: Some Useful Window Cleaning Tips & Techniques in Aurora

Krishna Yadav
Beyond the Glass: Some Useful Window Cleaning Tips & Techniques in Aurora

Windows are the soul of any building. They increase the beauty of your place by providing natural lighting and stunning views. But windows get dirty easily due to dirt, dust, and grime. 

Due to this, it is important to clean the windows the right way. So here we have some useful window-cleaning tips and techniques for Aurora residents. Read them to get clear and streak-free windows.

1.Consider Your Safety

First, you should consider your safety when cleaning the windows. It is very important if you are cleaning first-story windows or higher. Instead of using unsteady ladders, use a squeegee and scrubber with a pole.

But if you are uncomfortable with heights. You should consider hiring professional window cleaning services in Aurora. It will reduce the chances of an accident and give you the desired results.

2.Gather The Right Tools

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Before you start cleaning the windows, you need the right tools. Having the proper tools will make the cleaning much simpler. It will also help you get the desired results.

  • You will need a sponge or a scrubber to spread the cleaning solution.
  • Then you will need a rubber squeegee for drying the windows.
  • You should also get a microfiber cloth to avoid damage to the glass.
  • A 5-gallon plastic bucket.
  • A cleaning solution. You can make it at home or get a store-bought one per your needs.

You can start the process after you have all the right tools and supplies. 

3.Make The Cleaning Solution

If you decide to make a window cleaner, you only need water and a few drops of liquid dish soap. But here are three options supported by window cleaning experts in Aurora.

  • Mix 2 gallons of dish soap with a teaspoon of liquid dish soap.
  • You can also mix equal parts water and vinegar.
  • Lastly, mix 1/4th cup of rubbing alcohol and vinegar with one tablespoon of cornstarch and 2 cups of water.

Test the solution on the window before using it to prevent stains and streaks.

4.Dry Dust The Windows

Start cleaning by dry dusting the glass to remove the dirt and dust gathered on it. If you don’t do this, the dirt can turn into a muddy mess, making the window look dirtier.

5.Use Proper Techniques

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 Here is the right way to clean your windows if you want results similar to professional Window cleaning.

Scrub The Glass

If you have multiple smaller window panes, use a squeegee, but a scrubber will do for larger glasses. Dip your sponge/scrubber into the cleaning solution and start cleaning.

  • Start by cleaning the edges of the glass. You should move around a lot to get to all the corners.
  • Work your way to the middle of the glass from the side and clean using side-to-side strokes.

Wipe The Widows 

After applying the cleaner to the window, it's time to clean it. Take your squeegee and press it against the top part of the window. Then pull it down to remove the cleaner with dirt and grime.

Wipe the tool clean with a cloth in-between every stroke. After you finish cleaning the top part, move downwards. Your strokes should overlap each other by 2-in. Repeat the process until you dry the entire window.

6.Clean Window Frames & Tracks

Finally, you should clean the window frames and tracks. Doing so is important as all the cleaned dirt and grime gather in them. Keeping them uncleaned will create a huge mess, and your hard work will go down the drain.

Take a microfiber cloth and wipe the water trickling downwards. Then with the dry spot, wipe the corners to prevent any residue.

7.Clean Indoor Window

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You can use the same method for cleaning the indoor windows. But when cleaning them, you should remove the extra water from the scrubber. It will help reduce the dripping and running.

So after you clean the glass, don’t dip the scrubber inside the solution. Instead, rest it on the edge of the bucket. This way, you can clean the indoor windows without ruining the woodwork.

But if you get some liquid on the frame, you can clean it off with a microfiber cloth.

Some Additional Window Cleaning Tips

  • You can remove paint specks from the window with a razor blade. Take a fresh razor blade and mount it in a holder. Wet the windows and move the blade on it once. Then rinse the razor and repeat the process.
  • If your window has bug-dropping or other debris, you can remove them with a nylon scrub.
  • You can use some special products to remove sticky stains left by tape or labels. Soak the glass in the solution and remove it with a razor. You can find these cleaners at any paint store in Aurora.

Krishna Yadav
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