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Why You Should Buy An A3 DTG Printer?

Why You Should Buy An A3 DTG Printer?

With the current trend towards ever-higher levels of A3 DTG printer product customization and the seemingly huge potential desire to develop a unique and individual style, there's a huge chance for businesses that can make a lot of high-quality, customised clothes and soft furnishings.

If you can respond quickly and effectively to the growing demand for garments with personalised text, custom logos or images, or even a customer's own photo, you will be able to either scale up your existing fabric printing activities or successfully branch out into garment printing for the first time.

Direct-to-Garment printing options, like Sublistar's A3 DTG Printer GTX, let you make personalised clothes with the best print quality quickly, easily, and on demand, without having to make a large-scale change or spend a lot of money. Get ahead of the competition and grow your business by letting your customers print whatever they need, whenever they need it, on any cotton clothing they want. So, customers can create their own hoodies, T-shirts, and jackets.

Four things you can do with an A3 DTG printer that might help your DTG printing business grow

1. Meet Customer Need

A3 DTG Printer

Individuality and clothes that are one of a kind are becoming more and more popular. With an A3 flatbed DTG printer, you can quickly and easily customise up to 12 garments for as many people as you want.

That means you now have a chance to think in new and different ways to stay ahead of the competition. It means that you can now try mass customization instead of just making a lot of the same thing.

Printmakers don't have to spend as much time setting up or cleaning up with DTG printing as they do with show printing.

2. Good quality and trustworthiness

In today's competitive market, selling high-quality goods will always bring in more customers and boost your image as a reliable seller. One of the best things about direct-to-garment printing is that the ink is absorbed directly into the fabric fibres. This means that the images are very clear, colourful, and permanent, but you can't feel them. The Sublistar DTG makes prints that look like they were made by hand, and commercial wash tests have shown that they hold up well.

Sublistar's CMYK and high-density white DTG inks are made for direct-to-garment printing, and they always make images, photos, logos, and text look great on both white and coloured clothes.

3. Making things quickly

Customization doesn't have to mean that the output speed will slow down. Unlike printers with only one station, the Sublistar A3 DTG can print a unique T-shirt in as little as 8 seconds! Using a 200 x 260mm jig, it can print up to 450 T-shirts per hour in production mode and 225 per hour in quality mode*.

Also, the unique "load and leave" feature lets staff work on other things while each job prints, which makes your teams more effective and efficient.

Digital customization, as opposed to old, human customization methods, makes direct-to-garment manufacturing more efficient than ever before. Text, logos, and pictures are made by a computer, so you don't have to buy expensive screens and you don't have to set up much between jobs.

For example, RIP software gives you a streamlined user experience, a simple user interface, and the chance to improve your output efficiency by a lot. The software has features that save time and money, like removing background colours to save ink and an auto-white creator that makes it easy to create white data in the RIP.

4. Professional Support: Switching to a new way of making things can be hard, which is a big reason why most companies put off making their workflow better. You don't have to be afraid of change, though, because the best new ideas are made to fit easily into an organization's current structure.

Sublistar's direct-to-garment solutions are made to work well with existing workflows and don't require a lot of information about how digital printing works. As part of the package, you get expert technical support, training, and free software updates for the life of the machine. For added peace of mind, every printer also comes with a one-year Original promise.

We can help you get your printing business where you want it to be in the next few months as quickly, easily, and with as little work as possible. Sublistar's skilled printing services and industry knowledge can help you come up with new ideas, adapt to changes and demand spikes, and be ready for market and business problems now and in the future.


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