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Art of Sustainable Printing at Its Best with Kornit HD Technology

reshmi wadkar
Art of Sustainable Printing at Its Best with Kornit HD Technology

Kornit DTG printers are the only commercial models on the market specially designed and produced for the textile printing industry. Kornit DTG printer's key benefit is the integration of such cutting-edge technology into the printer's industrial architecture.

The hype around digital printing as the next big trend in clothing value addition is growing by the day. Ironically, many myths have slowed the technique's industrial adoption, and many in the garment industry still think it is too pricey and limited to invest in right now. Displacing the fallacy that digital printing would replace screen printing and that the process is expensive. Here are the ways in which the  Kornit DTG Printer has contributed to improved HD technology.


Kornit DTG printers are the only commercial models on the market specially designed and produced for the textile printing industry.

The integration of Kornit into the printer's industrial architecture is its primary benefit. Sustainability of such cutting-edge technology is no longer optional; the consumer and the world have changed their expectations. Adopt innovations to reduce climate change and protect the world's scarce wealth to future-proof the industrial workflow.

Kornit HD technology regards sustainability as a critical business value and makes substantial efforts and investments to reduce its environmental footprint. Kornit works in an environmentally conscious and sustainable way by creating digital printing technologies that are inherently more environmentally friendly than all conventional and other digital printing systems in use.

Free From Water

Kornit HD technology is waterless print technology, which does not require pretreatments, steaming, or cleaning, and accelerates long-term improvement in various applications. The technology takes the duty to save the world's wealth very seriously; in collaboration with the customers, it has a safe, practical approach that addresses sustainable development goals.

Using inkjet technology, digital textile printing saves water. How so? Ink is jetted straight onto the cloth's surface, which is a massively revolutionary technique that will revolutionize the conventional textile printing industry. 

Reduced Waste

Kornit DTG printer provides a range of on-demand digital textile printing solutions for environmentally friendly production. The Kornit HD technology liberates both the manufacturer and the customer from an antiquated overconsumption business model. You don't want to make more than you need, do you? Control inventory, increase development volume and provide design flexibility at any scale. Take control of the supply chain, reduce lead times, and get the show closer to the audience. All of these will reduce your carbon emissions, conserve valuable energy, and raise your income.

Reduced Energy 

Digital technologies consume a fraction of the energy required by traditional textile print routines. The planet is polluted with radioactive carbon, 10% of which can be traced to the fashion industry alone. Sustainable production practices have a lower carbon footprint – in some situations, none at all. Kornit HD technology streamlines the textile manufacturing process. Instant activation saves energy, so there is no unnecessary dwell or set-up time; the technology is ready for instant processing at the click of a button. Digital processing, as a renewable technology, emits no contaminants, poisonous fumes, or sewage effluent, removing all production position constraints.

Smart manufacturing in digital distribution centres opens up new markets for digital production while also significantly lowering the manufacturer's carbon footprint as it is located close to the customer.

Cleaner Chemicals and Safer Products

Kornit HD technology is dedicated to green certification, and our goods contain only the bare minimum of dangerous chemicals. Many of the goods are accredited and go beyond and above the requirements of the garment industry. Kornit DTG  inks are non-toxic and suitable for children and the community. Trust the continuing commitment to ensuring green chemistry and a potential healthy course for a similarly green world. Certification fosters credibility, which is essential for upstream product validation. As consumers expect more ecological verification, put your faith in the Kornit DTG printer for HD technology.

With all printing processes continuously evolving, the variety of possibilities open to a garment designer is expanding. A case in point is Kornit's embroidery print, which appears to be an embroidered pattern when seen from a distance. There is no limit to the imagination in the race for innovation. Even though basic entry-level digital technology is less expensive today, as advanced features become available, the cost of digital technology is rising. It is up to the consumers to thoroughly research the market and determine which products better meet their needs.

reshmi wadkar
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