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As the busiest part of most homes, the kitchen is one of the most challenging spaces to organize. How do you rush through the morning without leaving a mess in your kitchen? What do you do with all the small stuff on your kitchen counters? Finally, how do you strike a balance between an organized space without the for-your-eyes-only feel of most showrooms? 

Our goal is to address all those questions and more with smart and easy kitchen organization hacks. It doesn’t matter whether you have a huge farmhouse-style kitchen or limited square footage. With the right solutions, you can maximize your space and take your kitchen to the next level.

Sometimes simply replacing old and spoiled kitchen towels with new ones will make a huge impact in a kitchen. Hand and dish towels are not just good for drying hands, dishes, and glassware. The best kitchen towels add personality to a kitchen too.

Other times, placing small kitchen appliances in one cabinet is all the change you need. Or you may try hanging a wooden kitchen decor to instantly add a wow factor to a bare wall. There are times, however, when little changes won’t do anymore and you have to purge in order to breathe new life to your space.

Either way, organizing a kitchen is doable, achievable. Start with the following kitchen organization ideas and get the kitchen of your dreams one hack at a time.   


We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again: decluttering is the first step to dreamy space. With the new year fast approaching, the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Now is the best time to get rid of things that no longer serve you and your kitchen. After all, who wants to hang on to negative vibes? Trust us, you want to say adieu to 2020 and welcome 2021 with a clean slateーerr, home.  

Make it a point to declutter your kitchen (or the entire house, pretty please?). Decide what to keep, toss, and donate. Check labels for expiration dates, get rid of leaking items, use up almost-empty bottles, keep what you and your family absolutely needーthat’s it.

It may be easier said than done, but consider it your annual home detox. It’s not an easy process and can be time-consuming, but the rewards that await you are awesome. Think bright, airy, clean space, clean counters, spacious cabinets. Need we say more?


Counter Trays

Too many small things on your kitchen counter? Eyesore. As the busiest part of most homes, small stuffーlike salt and pepper shakers, paper towels, cooking utensilsーeasily accumulate on kitchen counters. 

The solution: traysーand a new life-changing habit. Ensure there’s a container for your knick knacks on your counter like a tray. It should be big enough to fit frequently used items. Next, ask everyone to return things where they got them. After all, a solution is useless unless put to good use. 


Take advantage of a bare wall or an empty corner in your kitchen. Install open shelves for additional storage or use pegboards to hang pots and pans on. Pots and pans are often challenging to organize. Hanging them against a wall helps keep the kitchen looking well-organized and spacious. 

Aside from pegboards, some of the easiest to DIY are hooks and a towel bar or a rail with S hooks.


Decanters for organization

The world is split into two when it comes to decanting: one side swears by the process and another absolutely dreads the extra effort. Decanting may not be for everyone, but it does instantly improve a space, making it look more spacious and clutter-free. 

The best way to find out whether it’s for you is to try decanting at home. Remove stuff from their original packaging and transfer them to size- or color-coordinated containers. Your kitchen will thank you for it.


Do you ever have a hard time keeping everything under the kitchen sink organized? 

Sure enough, cleaning supplies can be difficult to keep upright, but all that can change with the help of one tension rod installed underneath your sink. 

Hang spray bottles, cleaning towels, and even rubber cleaning gloves over the rod and keep them from making a mess.  


Wicker storage baskets

If you can’t be bothered with decanting, one hack that may work for you are uniformed storage baskets or bins. Wicker baskets, for instance, are not just decorative pieces. They are clever storage solutions too.  

Pantries will look extra organized with the use of coordinated or uniformed storage solutions. So instead of decanting, group stuff according to use, size, shape, or color and put them in a bin or basket. Easy peasy.


If you’ve had enough rummaging through deep drawers to find the perfect placemats for Christmas, use pullout plastic bins instead. This way you’ll find your table linens — cloth napkins, placemats, table runners, and hand and dish towels—quicker.


silverware drawer dividers

Don’t toss spoons, forks, knives, cutting boards, and other kitchen utensils in a drawer. First, divide drawers so everything fits and clutter is minimized. Then proceed to organize odd-shaped kitchen essentials.

Smart storage solutions for pots and pans are great for drawers too. 


A command center, or at least a message center, is an important part of family life. It serves as that one area in your house where the family’s daily life is sorted out and organized. Here, you make schedules, leave messages for other family members, place paper bills for easy tracking, etc. 

If you’re dealing with a small space, mount your mini but kick-ass and functional command center on a wall. In fact, convert one layer of a cabinet to a covered mini command center and you’re good to go. 


Jar labels

First in, first out. Ensure nothing is wasted by labeling your goodies. Indicate expirations dates or best-before dates and even dates when you open items. If you have bins and baskets, label them too so the whole family can see what goes where.

With these kitchen organization hacks, you’re sure to welcome 2021 without the clutter in your kitchen. That’s not to say that there willnever be any anymore. Keeping clutter at bay is a process that starts and ends with you and every member of the household. 

Ask the rest of the family to contribute to the orderliness and cleanliness of your space, or you assign tasks, depending on what you think is appropriate and necessary. And with that, we hope you maintain the positivity and good cheer of your clutter-free space throughout the new year.

Honey Dew Gifts
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