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5 Remote Working Challenges and How to Solve Them?

5 Remote Working Challenges and How to Solve Them?

Remote work is a great option to explore for businesses out there. You don’t have to spend a lot of time in traffic, there is no need to pay a heavy amount for office space and many more benefits come with it. While all of this sounds fun, you cannot ignore the fact that it comes with certain challenges.    

In this blog, we are going to discuss those challenges and how you can address them with the help of productivity monitoring software.   

Challenges with Remote Work   

Not everyone is cut out for remote work. Leaders of organizations are hesitating to opt for it because of some of the limitations. But you can stop worrying now. We have listed the challenges that remote workers face and solutions for them as well.   

So, stop worrying and start opting for a new way of working.    

#1. Lack of Productivity   

You cannot expect every employee in the organization to be productive when they are working from home, right? There can be a myriad of reasons for this, but it would impact your entire organizations productivity, and that isn’t something that you should risk.   


However, you can remove this hurdle with the help of PC monitoring software like Time Champ. This software will monitor your employee productivity all the time and track their activities.    

You will have access to the websites that they are browsing, the software that they are spending most time on, screenshots of the desktop at regular intervals and productivity analytics.    

With this one- employee monitor software, you can enable remote working in your organization and relax.   

#2. Constant Reminders   

Managers reminding employees of the targets and KPIs constantly is another hassle in the remote setup. Remote workers have always expressed their annoyance regarding this.    


Using software that would send reminders rather than the manager or TL would be a great idea. You can use project management tools like Trello for assigning and tracking everyday tasks. The best part is that Time Champ can be integrated with these tools easily, and you can track the time taken by employees for each task.   

#3. Lack of Proper Feedback   

Giving your employees proper feedback at the right time is much more important to increasing their productivity. When you are not meeting them in person, it becomes tough to keep up their work spirit.    

Four out of ten employees are disengaged from their work due to a lack of feedback.    


The above statistic says it all, so it is important for you to engage with employees every once in a while. You can do this by scheduling a feedback meeting once or two a week. This meeting should always be on your calendar and should become routine.   

Be it positive or negative, engaging with employees will give them assurance that you value their presence and work. They will get an opportunity to grow and thrive.   

#4. Social Isolation   

This is an issue that most of the employees struggle with. Remote employees feel isolated and lonely as they engage with their teammates virtually, and there are no proper interaction activities.   


Most of the activities that are done in the offices can be done online as well. You can host an online gaming event on a Friday and get all of your employees invested in it, organize virtual team lunch meetings, and celebrate special days like birthdays and work anniversaries virtually. Send your employees cake, some goodies that they can celebrate with.   

There are various things that you can do online to maintain team engagement.   

#5. Unsafe Internet   

Remote employees have the possibility to work from anywhere, and this can put your company data at risk when they connect to a public Wi-Fi.    


You can avoid this by installing proper anti-virus software on your devices. Along with it, adding a remote access device monitoring software like Time Champ that has a suspicious activity notification feature can also help you in knowing any disparities.   

You can also use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to establish connections.   

Wrapping It Up   

So many companies have opted for the remote culture as it has simplified various things. You can also go for it with the right software and tools for your perusal.    

Get Time Champ and enable a productive remote working environment in your organization. See how we have made an impact on other companies by booking a free demo. Your competitors are staying ahead of you with Time Champ, then what are you waiting for? 

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