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Precious Stones That Came from Space – Part 2

Seo Junior
Precious Stones That Came from Space – Part 2

Because meteorite slices can have a variety of designs, an acid wash may occasionally be employed to highlight the etching, which is known only as the Widmansttten pattern, it is comparable to the Shou-Sugi method of charring wood. In the procedure known as "Shou-Sugi," softwood is burned with a butane torch, and the burned area is scraped off with a metal brush to show the grain.

Black Diamonds

In contrast to ordinary diamonds, black diamonds, also known as Carbonado diamonds, are fundamentally different and are not discovered in crystal mines. Due to their scarcity, Carbonado diamonds are often imitated by other diamonds by irradiating their black color.

Carbonado diamonds, in contrast to conventional diamonds, are said to be composed of two elements: nitrogen and hydrogen. Because Black Diamonds contain other details, it is possible that they are stellar in origin and were created by stars exploding in outer space. Other theories propose that the Black Diamonds may have come to Earth in asteroids even before the continents split, which may explain why they are only found in Brazil and the Central African Republic.

Another theory holds that diamonds are found on Jupiter and Saturn because those planets have the right environment for diamond formation. The combination of air pressure and lightning storms creates ideal circumstances for turning carbon into uncut diamonds. Consequently, it is believed that there are significant concentrations of the priceless diamond deep within the oceans of Jupiter and Saturn.


A gemstone that is currently employed extensively in the jewelry business, particularly in the creation of various bridal jewelry. It initially appeared on the planet 50,000 years ago, when Earth and a meteor collided.

Moissanite was found in 1893 at Diablo Canyon by a French scientist named Dr. Moissan among the scattered fragments of the meteor over the desert in northern Arizona. Due to the scarcity of natural moissanite, scientists have created a technique that is now extensively used to replicate the crystals artificially in a lab.

Mars's Opal

Opals were first found in 1911, although they have been used to make jewelry on our home planet since then. A town in Egypt had been hit by a meteorite from Mars back in 1911. The discovery of fire opals in the meteorite led researchers to theorize about Mars. Opal has contributed to a further indication that water once existed on Mars because it is typically found near hot water and is abundant in minerals.

Peridot of Space

The birthstone for August is Peridot. It is regarded as a typical gemstone easily located on our planet. Because of this, the majority of this particular gemstone that is utilized in the creation of fine jewelry is derived from the ground.

But Space Peridot is a different animal. As its name suggests, a space peridot is a stone found in space. The Pallasite Meteorite, which was first discovered in 1749 by renowned German naturalist Peter Pallas, is a celestial gem. One of the most famous sources of interstellar-space jewels is the Esquel meteorite from a Singapore crystal wholesaler.

The stones covered in this article were given to humanity by the universe rather than being discovered on the surface of the Earth. The universe is a stunning place where we constantly make amazing discoveries.


In conclusion, crystals can be found in meteorites from space or in the crust of the planet. Since these crystals often take millions of years to create, the value of each piece of jewelry containing one of these jewels is increased.

Seo Junior
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