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What are the Eight Performance Criteria for SA 8000 Certification

What are the Eight Performance Criteria for SA 8000 Certification

The guideline promotes organizations of all sizes, industries, and countries to create, maintain, and implement socially responsible and acceptable working practices. The program offers a complete framework for organizations to demonstrate their commitment to fair treatment and management practices for their employees/workers. The requirements for the standard were established from numerous industry and corporate norms to make it relevant and useful.

In contrast to many other international standards, SA8000 employs a management system-inspired approach to measuring social performance and ongoing evolution. The SA8000 standard requires firms to conduct business humanely, using a framework created for organizations of all sizes, in any industry, and any location. The purpose is to improve the working environment and worker well-being.


The SA8000 provides controls that certified brands must achieve in seven areas, based on national laws and internationally created work standards.

  •      Forced or compulsory employment for children
  •      Safety and Health
  •      Associational Freedom and the Right to Collective Bargaining
  •      Discrimination
  •      Disciplinary Procedures
  •      Working Times
  •      System for Compensation Management

SA 8000 Certification Performance Criteria

The criteria for SA8000 certification are simple; any organization interested in obtaining certification must be audited by SA800. SA800's beliefs are also very clear; these concepts are based on human rights practices, social accountability, health and safety, and so on. The goal of SA 8000 certification is to guarantee that organizational standards are followed. Businesses must, however, not only comply with the requirements but also maintain them. SA800 certification also necessitates an audit of corporate practices and evaluation by SA800.

Any organization that has complied with International Labour Organization, International Human Rights, and ISO standards, among others, is qualified for SA8000 certification. The performance of an organization is measured in eight areas under SA800 certification. These subjects are seen as critical for social accountability, human rights practices, and other international norms. These are the eight performance criteria:

  1. Child Workers: The organization must not be detected using child labour, and the employment of young workers must be conditional.
  2. Disciplinary Procedures: Every employee should be treated fairly and humanely. There is no acceptance of employee abuse, harsh punishment, or corporal punishment.
  3. Discrimination: The organization should not discriminate based on race, colour, religion, philosophies, recruitment, training, remuneration and compensation, gender, promotion, or orientation.
  4. Health and Safety: Every workplace should make provisions for workers' health and safety. This involves, among other things, access to medical care, accident prevention, and an organized work environment.
  5. Working Times: The company simply adheres to the usual working hours. Overwork and overtime are not tolerated.
  6. Forced and Compulsory Labour: There should be no use of forced labour; instead, people should be recruited on their own accord.
  7. Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining: Organizations must respect employees' ability to create and join trade unions of their choosing.
  8. Employees should be paid appropriate pay, with no disregard for human rights or insufficient compensation. Employees' fundamental requirements should be met via remuneration.

SA8000 is a gold standard for maintaining your suppliers accountable for ethical manufacturing practices. A social audit based on the standard can provide you with a clear picture of what is going on in your supplier's factory as well as any potential compliance issues. Don't let social compliance offences cause a strike, a building collapse, or other production delays at your supplier's plant.

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