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Unlock Parenthood with the Best IVF Doctor in Bangladesh

World Fertility Services
Unlock Parenthood with the Best IVF Doctor in Bangladesh

Why look for the best IVF doctor in Bangladesh?

Every country or clinic that provides fertility treatments would definitely have some fertility experts and specialists. However, the best IVF doctor in Bangladesh is better than any other country’s doctor. The doctors here are highly educated with qualifications and high experience too. They are able to perform various treatments with personalized procedures for the individuals. They even have many skills and methods. The success rate of these doctors would be high enough to achieve parenthood for these couples. Moreover, these doctors are all very polite and friendly; they never talk rudely or impatiently to their patients and always are here for their help.

best ivf doctor in bangladesh

Why choose World Fertility Services for the best IVF doctor in Bangladesh?

World Fertility Services is one of the best IVF centres in Bangladesh. This centre has everything that is needed for fertility treatment, from various services to the best facilities. The IVF treatment here is always performed with high-tech equipment and advanced techniques. Moreover, they have the top 10 infertility doctors in Bangladesh who are all proficient in what they are doing. This centre has professional staff members too who are very friendly with the patients. No patient here ever has any complaints as all of them are receiving the best treatment here. Also, the treatment costs are all reasonable ones, only the treatment’s spending is asked as the payment from patients.

Which are the top 5 IVF doctors in Bangladesh?

There are many best IVF doctors in Dhaka. Therefore, here we will be talking about the top 5 infertility specialists in Bangladesh:

Note — This list does not follow any ranking or special order.

1. Dr Florida Rahman

Education — MBBS, FCPS, MS (OBGYN), PG (Reproductive and Sexual Medicine)

 Experience — About 20 years

 Contact No. — + 919560712022

 She is the best infertility doctor in Bangladesh who has various skills and methods to perform the treatments.

2. Dr Fawzia Hossain

Education — MBBS, FRCOG, FIAOG, MS (Obs. and Gynae.)

 Experience — About 16 years

 Contact No. — + 919560712022 

 This one is the best infertility specialist in Bangladesh with the most polite and friendly nature she has won the respect of her patients.

3. Dr Asma Khatun Aurora

Education — MBBS, BCS, FCPS (Obs & Gynae), MS, MRCOG (from UK)

 Experience — About 15 years

 Contact No. — + 919560712022

 She is a fertility specialist in Bangladesh with a success rate of 80%. Her treatments are always performed with careful dedication so that no mistake ever happens.

4. Dr Samsad Jahan Shelly

Education — MBBS, MS (Gynae & Obs.)

 Experience — About 15 years

 Contact No. — + 919560712022

 Dr Shelly is dedicated towards male infertility treatments, therefore, she is known as the best male infertility doctor in Bangladesh.

5. Dr Lucky Rahman

Education — MBBS, BCS, MCPS, FCPS (OBGYN), Special Training in Infertility

 Experience — About 16 years

 Contact No. — + 919560712022

 She is an infertility specialist in Dhaka who has various skills and methods, moreover, she performs treatments with personalized procedures.

What are the treatments performed by the best IVF doctor in Bangladesh?

There are many treatments a fertility doctor can perform; however, these 4 are the most performed treatments:

· IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) — In this treatment, the fertilization of the gametes happens outside the female body.

· IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) — In this treatment, doctors wash the sperm and then choose the one with high concentration to insert into the female’s uterus.

· ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) — This treatment is the higher version of IVF. In this doctors choose the sperm with high motility to directly insert into the female egg.

· SSR (Surgical Sperm Retrieval) — This treatment is for men whose ejaculation does not produce any sperm. For this, doctors perform a small surgery to retrieve the sperm.

· PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis) — This treatment is to check the genetic disorders of an embryo.

What is the IVF procedure performed by the best IVF doctor in Bangladesh?

The IVF procedure performed by the best doctor in Bangladesh is like this:

· Medical Examination — The first thing doctors do is to run a thorough checkup of the patient. This is to know their fertility situation and inner problems.

· Counselling — The second step of IVF is to provide a counselling session in which doctors can prepare the minds of the patients for the upcoming process.

· Stimulation Process — The third step is to stimulate the female partner’s ovaries for their growth. For this doctors inject hormonal medicines into them.

· Gametes Retrieval — Once the above steps are done, doctors will prepare to retrieve the gametes of the couple. For female gametes retrieval, they have to wait till her ovulation period.

· Fertilization Process — The next step of IVF is the fertilization process, in this doctors combine both the gametes of the couple to form an embryo.

· Embryo Transfer — Once the embryo is here doctors will observe it for 2–3 days before transferring it into the female uterus.

· Result — Lastly couple has to come back to the clinic after two weeks for their pregnancy test to know if they were successful or not.

What is the IVF success rate of the best IVF doctor in Bangladesh?

The IVF Success rate in Bangladesh is 65% with self gametes. However, if donor gametes are used then the success rate will increase to 75%. This is all because of the best doctors in this country who are always dedicated to their work and are always learning new things to achieve 100% results.

You can visit our Clinic for more information and details. For further queries, please call +91–9560712022.

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