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What to Know About Surrogacy Lawyers If You Need One

Leslie Schreiber
What to Know About Surrogacy Lawyers If You Need One


Attorneys specialising in surrogacy are crucial in handling issues like financial compensation, child custody, and other problems that may arise during your trip. What matters is that everyone's rights—including the rights of the unborn child—are upheld by involving a lawyer. If you suspect you might need legal help, be aware of the following in the article.

In addressing monetary compensation, child custody, and several other concerns that may come up during your journey, lawyer surrogacy in Florida is essential. Because there have been past controversies, surrogacy attorneys ensure that the contract complies with all relevant state legislation. 

What's important is that everyone's rights, including those of the unborn child, are protected by having an attorney involved. Here are some things to be aware of if you require legal counsel.

What does a lawyer for surrogacy do?

If you choose that method, a Florida surrogacy lawyer will work closely with the surrogacy agency to prepare the legally binding contract involving surrogates and intended parents.

While it is feasible to draft a contract independently, doing so is highly discouraged. There is a chance that you'll forget essential conditions, which might render the entire agreement illegitimate. 

If parentage is unclear, the last thing one wants is a custody dispute to sour the entire situation! The laws governing surrogacy in the United States are relatively clear-cut, so the contract must be detailed and comprehensive to comply with the law. 

Why would my surrogacy experience need hiring an attorney? 

What happens if the surrogate mother in another country decides to keep the child if you choose a foreign surrogate—permitted in some states—and she decides to keep the child?

Though it's uncommon, it has nevertheless happened. Due to the complexity involved in the surrogacy arrangement, hiring a surrogacy attorney is essential. Fortunately, a lawyer can assist in explaining the intricate legal nuances surrounding family law because some aren't obvious to individuals trying surrogacy for the first time. 

A surrogacy lawyer will outline the steps you must take to ensure the surrogacy contract is valid and enforceable because state laws differ in this regard.

How can I locate a surrogacy attorney if I need one?

If you live in a state where surrogacy is permitted, finding a lawyer for surrogacy in Florida who handles surrogacies won't be too difficult. Some intended parents want to hire their attorney, but as previously mentioned, the most incredible surrogate services already collaborate with law companies specialising in this field.

To ensure no conflict of interest, a state may mandate that both parties retain separate solicitors, complicating the situation. If a personal bond already exists, neither the surrogate nor the intended parents may influence the contract's terms in their favour. Fairness is critical, and the couple's ultimate goal—a healthy baby—must always be kept in mind.


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Leslie Schreiber
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