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Things to Remember to Find the Best Adult Diaper for Incontinence

Harleen Kaur

Incontinence can be a hard truth for many elderly people but also for some younger individuals with certain underlying health issues as well. In any case, adult diapers prove to be the most convenient and easy way to manage incontinence, whether bowel or urinary. They make your life so much easier and help you to be independent. But not all diapers are made the same. You need the best adult diaper that can meet all your needs perfectly, requiring you to take care of a few things before you buy one. This article discusses those parameters so you can enjoy good quality, comfort and protection of an ideal diaper for yourself.

What are Adult Diapers

Diapers for elderly men and women are special briefs that are designed to capture and retain liquid thus, preventing accidents due to incontinence issues. These diapers are made using highly absorptive layers of fabric which can effectively soak the moisture and lock it inside. As they do not let it surface again, it helps to keep you dry and comfortable. Also, disposable adult diapers come with elasticated waists and legs which provide a snug fit that further helps in preventing leaks.

In addition to this, the core of these diapers consists of an odour-neutralising ability that can prevent the foul smell of urine or faeces from escaping and aid in discretion. Some of the best adult diapers also come with added fragrance which helps to keep you fresh and smelling pleasant.

Types of Adult Diapers

There are many different kinds of diapers available in the market today. From reusable cloth diapers to disposable diapers with still many different types in them. The most popular of them include pant-style disposable diapers which have a basic shape and design similar to regular underwear. They are extremely easy to use and can be worn like a regular pair of briefs as well. They come in a huge range of sizes going from small to adult diapers large. You can even find XL and XXL sizes in them. Other equally important and much popular diaper types include tape-style adult diapers and overnight diapers. As the name suggests, tape-style diapers use tape fixtures to secure them on the user’s body. They are primarily used for bedridden individuals. Overnight diapers for adults are designed for use at nighttime when you need to sleep peacefully, without having to get up to change your diaper. This is why they have much higher fluid-retaining capacities and a strategic design that can prevent leaks even when you are lying down.

Things to Look for While Buying Adult Diapers

As diapers for elderly men and women need to be worn throughout the day and night to prevent accidents, they need to be comfortable as well as efficient. To ensure this you must take care of a few things while buying them:

Disposable or Reusable

The first question you need to ask yourself while buying a diaper for the elderly is whether you want a reusable cloth diaper or a disposable one. While reusable ones are eco-friendly and cost-efficient, disposable diapers tend to be more hygienic and mess-free. They eliminate the need for constant laundering and also reduce the chance of infections due to bacterial growth from repeated use as seen in cloth diapers.


If you pick disposable diapers as your choice, then the next thing you need to do is decide on their type; pant-style, tape-style, overnight or others. The most commonly used type is a pant-style diaper which has a design resembling regular underwear and can be easily used by anyone with incontinence. On the other hand, a tape-style diaper is meant for those who have any physical limitation preventing them from caring for themselves. Overnight diapers are the best adult diapers preferred for nighttime, especially if you suffer from nocturia. This is because they have much larger absorbency capacities which extended periods of leakage protection hence, uninterrupted sleep. In addition to these, you can also opt for other types such as swimming briefs, insert pads etc. if those are what you prefer or need.


Selecting the right size of an adult diaper is one of the most important considerations that you must take care of. Your diaper should neither be too tight nor too loose or it can cause many problems starting from being uncomfortable and causing leaks to even health issues such as inflammation or rashes, blood flow restriction, nerve damage etc. Make sure to take proper measurements of your body, read the label or sizing chart on the diaper packaging and only then select your diaper. So, if you require adult diapers medium in size, you must never use adult diapers large or small as they can not only fail in their purpose but also impact you adversely.


Choose an adult diaper with the right absorbency capacity to suit your incontinence intensity. It must be enough to give you complete protection from leakage and keep you dry for longer. Usually, overnight diapers for adults have more absorbency capacity compared to regular daytime diapers and therefore they can also provide protection for extended periods of time.


Although adult diapers are designed to be soft and gentle on your skin, they can still cause some irritation to some individuals due to the presence of certain ingredients. So, if for instance, you have latex allergy, make sure to choose a diaper free from the substance.


As you would most probably need to wear a diaper for the entire day or night, it must be very comfortable. And the sizing, softness, material and absorbency all have huge contributions to ensuring the comfort of your diaper. So make sure to take your time and determine whether they fit your needs or not. You may have to try a few before you find your best diaper for adults but it will be worth the effort. 

Harleen Kaur
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