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A Guide to Choosing a Water Tank of the Right Size

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A Guide to Choosing a Water Tank of the Right Size

When it comes to ensuring adequate water supply, selecting the right-sized water tank is a crucial decision. Everything from daily use to storage and emergency use needs to be considered to identify the appropriate size and best quality water tank.

APL Apollo, India’s trusted brand and reputed water tank manufacturer, offers a range of water tanks to cater to diverse needs. The water tanks, made from top-quality material, are available in diverse sizes ranging from 500 to 5000 litres. They come in different variants to suit diverse needs, including Life 3-layer water tank, Grand 4-layer water tank, and Star 5-layer water tank.

Here, we bring you essential considerations to help you choose the best water tank for your needs.

Identify Daily Requirements

When it comes to choosing the right size water tank for your needs, the first step is to identify your regular water consumption. This should account for all water essentials for every member of the household to gauge the estimated storage. Calculate your daily water consumption, including activities such as drinking, cooking, bathing, cleaning, and gardening. This estimation will guide you in selecting the best water tank size that meets your daily needs. Depending on the number of residents, the size of the water tank will differ.

Check Available Space

The area where the water tank will be stored needs to be considered as well. Measure the available space at the location where you plan to install the water tank. Bear in mind, that this area should be level and uncluttered to allow for a stable installation of the water tank. APL Apollo offers various tank sizes to accommodate different spaces, making it the preferred water tank manufacturer in India.

Need and Purpose

Water tanks fulfil various purposes from potable solutions for residential complexes to rainwater harvesting. Based on the intended use of the stored water, you can choose the right size and best quality water tank. APL Apollo offers multi-layer tank options in 3, 4 and 5 layers made with top-quality plastic to suit diverse water storage needs.

Tank Design

Along with quality and size, also look at the tank design to ensure it fits the space adequately. For instance, consider tanks with secure lids and covers that prevent contamination, debris, and pests from entering the tank and contaminating the water. APL Apollo's best water tanks are well-designed with tightly sealed covers. Additionally, look for efficient overflow and inlet mechanisms, as well as threaded outlets, to ensure proper water circulation and secure attachment of accessories for optimal performance.



India’s best water tank manufacturer, APL Apollo, is known for manufacturing strong, impact-resistant, durable, and quality water tanks that last for years with minimal maintenance. For more guidance on the best water tanks, reach out to the experts today.



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