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HDPE Pipes and Fittings: Robust Solutions for Durable Water Management

APL Apollo Pipes
HDPE Pipes and Fittings: Robust Solutions for Durable Water Management

One of the biggest concerns plaguing the world today is that of water scarcity. Increasing parts of the world are suffering due to a lack of sufficient water supply with an increase in demand and changing climatic conditions affecting water supply.

Efficient plumbing systems by top manufacturers such as APL Apollo are at the forefront of combating the global crisis. Adopting quality solutions such as HDPE pipes and fittings allows for better water management in a sustainable manner.

APL Apollo’s High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipes use cutting-edge technology and have transformed the efficiency with which water is transported, distributed, and managed.


Efficient Water Management with APL Apollo HDPE coil pipes

APL Apollo, India’s leading expert for plumbing systems, has paved the way for sustainable water management solutions with its HDPE pipe fittings. To ensure they can seamlessly meet diverse plumbing needs, these pipes and fittings are available in 20 mm to 315 mm in PE 63, PE 80, and PE 100 as per IS 4984 & 14333.

The strict adherence to benchmark industry standards ensures consistency in performance and assures quality in every product. Not only does this improve the operational efficiency of the systems and promote effective water management, but also reduces the burden of frequent repair and replacement.

Here, we take a look at the top features of APL Apollo HDPE pipes and fittings that have made them the popular choice for plumbing systems across the globe.

Leak-proof Solutions

Traditional water distribution systems, especially those made from metal, were highly vulnerable to leaks and cracks. This would lead to increased amounts of water loss while also compromising the efficiency and hygiene of the water being transported.

In agricultural applications, water is transported in large volumes across widespread areas. Any leak or crack here can impact crop yield and lead to major water loss. HDPE pipes and fittings by APL Apollo are joined using heat to fuse the pipes together allowing for stronger and high-functioning joints while minimising water loss.

Corrosion Resistance

Rust formation on the pipes due to constant interaction with the minerals in the water is another reason for pipe damage and water loss. APL Apollo HDPE coil pipes are resistant to corrosion, thus allowing for better durability of the plumbing systems. Along with operational efficiency, the corrosion resistance properties of HDPE pipes are beneficial to the environment as the need for constant repair and replacement is minimised.

Smooth Inner Surface

A characteristic feature of HDPE pipes is the smooth interior surface. Due to the lack of friction offered here, the efficiency of the water flow is maximised allowing for optimal performance. This is particularly useful in exhaustive applications such as agriculture and irrigation systems.

Further, it prevents sediments from collecting at the inner surface of the pipes. Over time these deposits could weaken the pipes, leading to cracks or leaks. Thus APL Apollo’s HDPE pipe fittings allow for improved water efficiency with durability making it a leader in sustainability.

Flexible and Durable

The inherent flexibility of HDPE pipes makes it easier to navigate across corners and bends without breakage. Further, they possess high mechanical strength ensuring they can perform well under challenging conditions. These factors further add to the durability of the pipes reducing the need for constant repair and replacement.

Chemically Inert

HDPE pipes are chemically inert, preventing any contamination of the transported water. Not only does this feature help provide safe and hygienic water but it also reduces the risk for pipe damage. Trace chemicals can be found in various water distribution systems which can over time weaken traditional piping systems.

Highly Resistant

APL Apollo HDPE pipe fittings are strongly resistant to acids, as well as alkalis and can be laid in marshy and corrosive soils without any coating or cathode-based protection. Additionally, these pipes are highly resistant to abrasion and suitable for the transportation of slurry, boiler ash, ores, beach sands, etc. This makes it easier to use in challenging conditions such as irrigation systems and agricultural use.

Reduced Environmental Impact

APL Apollo HDPE coil pipes are ideal plumbing solutions for building a sustainable world as they are eco-friendly. The production process here generates fewer greenhouse gas emissions as compared to the manufacturing of pipes made from traditional materials. Their durability and easy recyclability further minimise their burden on the environment.

Energy Efficiency

The smooth interior surface of HDPE pipes reduces the energy required to pump water through them, resulting in energy savings and a smaller carbon footprint. This is an important factor when looking towards sustainable solutions.


APL Apollo HDPE Pipes and Fittings

When it comes to plumbing solutions, it is important to choose a reputed manufacturer such as APL Apollo for top-quality solutions. The HDPE pipes and fittings are manufactured under stringent quality and made using polyethene, a thermoplastic polymer that offers great insulation properties. Additionally, APL Apollo HDPE coil pipes are built to withstand diverse amounts of stress due to their low creep rupture property.

Due to their numerous advantages, APL Apollo HDPE piping systems are used in micro and sprinkler irrigation systems, water supply irrigation systems, sewerage & drainage pumping, telecom pipes, gas pipes, and other industrial projects.



Water scarcity and sustainability are paramount concerns across the globe making HDPE coil pipes by APL Apollo a revolutionary solution. Their role in effective water management coupled with their diverse benefits are a significant contributor to building a sustainable and water-efficient future.



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APL Apollo Pipes
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