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General Trading License in Dubai - Future Vision Business service

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General Trading License in Dubai - Future Vision Business service

General Trading License in Dubai

Dubai has emerged as one of the top destinations for business and trade in recent years. The city offers a favorable environment for entrepreneurs and investors, with its strategic location, strong economy, and business-friendly policies. Among the various types of licenses available for setting up a business in Dubai, the general trading license in dubai is one of the most sought after.

What is a General Trading License?

A general trading license allows companies to engage in a wide range of trading activities in Dubai, including the import, export, distribution, and re-export of goods. This license enables businesses to trade in multiple product categories and does not limit them to a specific industry or sector. It provides flexibility and opportunities for entrepreneurs to explore different markets and expand their business.

Requirements for Obtaining a General Trading License

In order to obtain a general trading license in Dubai, there are certain requirements that need to be met:

  1. Company Structure: The business should have a legal structure, such as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or a Sole Proprietorship. The company structure must comply with the regulations set by the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai.
  2. Trade Name: The company must have a unique trade name that is not already registered by another entity in Dubai.
  3. Trade Activities: The company should clearly define the trading activities it wishes to undertake. A general trading license allows businesses to engage in a wide range of activities, but it is important to specify the intended trading activities during the application process.
  4. Share Capital: The company must have a minimum share capital as specified by the DED. The share capital requirement varies depending on the company structure and the business activities.
  5. Sponsorship: Non-GCC nationals are required to have a local sponsor, who will hold a 51% share in the company. The local sponsor can be an individual or a corporate entity.

The Process of Obtaining a General Trading License

The process of obtaining a general trading license in Dubai involves several steps:

  1. Choose a Business Activity: Determine the trading activities your company wishes to undertake. This will help in selecting the appropriate license and ensure that you comply with the regulations.
  2. Choose a Company Structure: Decide on the legal structure for your business. This could be an LLC, a Sole Proprietorship, or any other suitable structure.
  3. Choose a Trade Name: Select a unique trade name for your company. Ensure that the name is not already registered by another entity in Dubai.
  4. Submit the Application: Prepare the necessary documents and submit the application to the DED. The application should include details about the company structure, trade activities, share capital, and sponsorship arrangements.
  5. Pay the Fees: Pay the applicable fees for the trade license. The fees vary depending on the type of license and other factors.
  6. Obtain Approvals: The DED will review the application and conduct the necessary checks. Upon approval, you will receive the general trading license.

Benefits of a General Trading License

Obtaining a general trading license in Dubai offers numerous benefits for businesses:

  • Diversification: A general trading license allows businesses to trade in multiple product categories, providing opportunities for diversification and expanding into different markets.
  • Flexibility: The license does not restrict businesses to a specific industry or sector, allowing entrepreneurs to explore various trading activities.
  • Market Access: Dubai’s strategic location provides easy access to regional and international markets. With a general trading license, businesses can import and export goods to and from different countries.
  • Growth Opportunities: Dubai’s strong economy and business-friendly environment create a conducive atmosphere for business growth. The general trading license opens doors to expand operations and increase market share.
  • Tax Benefits: Dubai offers favorable tax policies, with no personal or corporate income tax. This provides businesses with a competitive edge and increases their profitability.

Future Vision Business Service: Assisting with General Trading License

Setting up a business and obtaining a general trading license in Dubai can be a complex process. It involves understanding the regulations, preparing the necessary documentation, and navigating through the various steps. This is where Future Vision Business Service can assist.

Future Vision Business Service is a professional consultancy firm specialized in company formation and business setup in Dubai. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge and experience in assisting entrepreneurs and investors from around the world in establishing their businesses in Dubai.

With our comprehensive understanding of the local regulations and procedures, we can guide you through the process of obtaining a general trading license smoothly and efficiently. We will assist you in preparing the required documents, submitting the application, and liaising with the relevant authorities on your behalf.

Our services include:

  • Company Formation: We will help you choose the appropriate legal structure for your business and assist in the registration process.
  • Licensing: We will guide you in selecting the right trade license and ensure that all the requirements are met for obtaining the general trading license.
  • Document Preparation: Our team will prepare the necessary documents, including the application forms, agreements, and other supporting documents.
  • Government Liaison: We will liaise with the government authorities on your behalf, saving you time and effort.
  • Post-License Services: We offer ongoing support and assistance even after obtaining the general trading license, ensuring that your business operations run smoothly.

By choosing Future Vision Business Service, you can benefit from our expertise and experience in company setup and business consultancy. We will simplify the process for you and help you realize your vision of establishing a successful business in Dubai.


general trading license in Dubai opens up a world of opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors. It allows businesses to engage in a wide range of trading activities, explore different markets, and expand their operations. With the support of professional consultancy firms like Future Vision Business Service, the process of obtaining a general trading license becomes seamless and hassle-free. Dubai’s favorable business environment, strong economy, and strategic location make it an ideal destination for business setup and growth. Take advantage of what Dubai has to offer and embark on your journey to business success.

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