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Ball Valve Manufacturer- Applications and Uses of Valves:

Ball Valve Manufacturer- Applications and Uses of Valves:

Ridhiman Alloys is one of the Leading Ball Valve Manufacturer In India.

Ball Valve Manufacturer that are precision engineered using the best quality raw material.We supply a wide range of precisely engineered Ball Valves , made in compliance with international quality and safety standards. 

Ball Valve provide several benefits when contrasted with different kinds of valves, they supply superior easy operation, which may maintain and regulate high volume, high and warm temperature flow. 

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Types of Ball Valves

Applications and Uses of Valves:

Ball Valve Manufacturer constitute valves that employ a ball to start or stop the flow, as their name suggests. Within the globe valve, the ball serves the same purpose as the disk. The ball spins to a certain degree whenever the outlet via the ball is parallel to the valve body intake and outlet after the valve handle is turned to open the valve.

  •  Water and Wastewater Treatment:

Gate Valves: used to regulate the water flow in substantial pipes.

Butterfly Valves: Control the direction and flow of water in wastewater treatment facilities.

Check Valves: Prevent water systems from backflowing.

  •   Power Generation:

Gate Valves: Gate Valves Manufacturer Control steam and water flow in power plants.

Control Valves: Control Valves Manufacturer Regulate the flow of steam or fuel to maintain power generation efficiency.

Pressure Relief Valves: Prevent overpressure in steam boilers.

  • Food and Beverage Industry:

Sanitary Valves: Maintain hygiene standards in food processing by preventing contamination.

Diaphragm Valves: Control the flow of liquid ingredients.

Butterfly Valves: Butterfly Valves Manufacturer Used for flow control in beverage production.

  • Aerospace and Aviation:

Solenoid Valves: Regulate the flow of fuel, hydraulic fluids, and air in aircraft systems.

Pressure Reducing Valves: Control air pressure in aircraft cabins.

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing:

Sanitary Valves: Ensure clean working conditions for producing medications.

Diaphragm Valves: Control the flow of liquids in drug manufacturing processes.

  • Mining and Minerals Processing:

Knife Gate Valves: Knife Gate Valves Handle abrasive slurries and high-density solids.

Pinch Valves: Control the flow of abrasive materials in mining operations.

Check Valves: Maintain fluid direction in automotive transmission systems.

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