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How and when is a globe valve used?

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How and when is a globe valve used?

What is a globe valve ?

Globe Valves Manufacturer in India moderate water flow and are turned by a handwheel. However, they also result in more pressure loss.

It's crucial to choose the proper valve because different types have distinct characteristics and applications. Some of them merely have the open and closed states. Others enable the modulation of fluid flow and pressure. Different valves also result in varying degrees of pressure loss. Specific qualities may be required depending on the circumstance.

The Globe Valves Manufacturer in India is one of the most popular kinds of valves. We describe the operation of globe valves in this article, along with some of their benefits and drawbacks. Then, we examine the many configurations of globe valves and contrast them with other kinds of equipment, such as gate valves and ball valves.

How do globe valves work ?

From the outside, globe valves have three parts, a handwheel, a bonnet, and a body. The bonnet houses a stem, and when the handwheel is turned, the stem screws up and down in the bonnet. The end of the stem has a small component called a disk or plug, which can be metallic or non-metallic and may come in different shapes, depending on the need.

The globe-shaped body for which the valve is named houses a seat. The seat is a metal frame that divides the body into two chambers and has a hole to allow fluid to pass. When the valve is open, fluid flows up through the opening in the seat. To close it, the stem is screwed down until the disk blocks the seat’s opening.

When to use globe valves

When you need to adjust flow yet don't have to worry about pressure loss, globe valves are perfect. Several uses include:

  • water cooling systems
  • petroleum systems
  • Chemical and feedwater systems
  • methods for lubricating turbines
  • Applications for drain and trimming in water-based fire defence systems such as fire sprinklers

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