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Definitive Features for NFT Marketplace Development

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Definitive Features for NFT Marketplace Development

The most important and difficult step in NFT marketplace development is defining its essential features since you need to choose a feature set that will satisfy the expectations of your users. Oodles has already undertaken extensive competitive analysis for clients and discovered that the majority of well-known NFT marketplaces have a number of unassailable qualities. Below is a list of them.

Blockchain Platforms Oodles Recommends for NFT Marketplace Development

The following is a list of the most suitable blockchain platforms to develop an NFT marketplace. NFT developers at Oodles can use any of the mentioned blockchain platforms or employ any other platform as per your choice. The goal is to always earn a high ROI (return on investment) while providing the maximum capabilities in the market that its target audience needs.

Ethereum | Open-Source Protocol

One of the most often used blockchain platforms for the creation of NFT marketplaces is Ethereum. However, it is facing challenges regarding its high carbon footprint, in addition to expensive transaction costs.

The platform's development staff is working diligently to find a solution to these issues, nevertheless. As a result, the platform has undergone a few noteworthy improvements that should reduce the footprint by 99.95% or more.

BSC | Open-Source Protocol

Due to the compatibility of this blockchain with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, no additional programming work is required for smart contracts to function in both Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain. uses the Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA) mechanism, which reduces transaction costs.

Cardano Blockchian | Open-Source Protocol

Employs proof-of-stake, the most energy-efficient blockchain network technology, which explains its low transaction fees. Despite the Cardano blockchain only allowing smart contracts since 2021, there are presently several NFT markets built on it.

Must-Have NFT Marketplace Features


This one aims to improve user experience. Before making any choices, those who view NFTs as investments need to filter through a set of criteria.


Listings are an essential component of the NFT Marketplace since it enables merchants to create and send collectibles. Customers would be ensured that they can do this quickly and without any difficulties through well-designed NFT development.

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Royalties for NFT

You must offer the ability to integrate NFT royalties into the generated NFT in your NFT marketplace. Every time the NFT is sold again, it enables the original creator to receive a cut of the proceeds. This functionality must be considered when building an NFT marketplace.


Users always search for a secure location to keep NFTs. The construction of a wallet might fulfill their security concerns better than anything else. Because of this, NFT marketplaces opt to save and submit tokens from initially inserted wallets.

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The best way for newbies to comprehend the true value of collectibles is through ratings. Customers before you have left reviews with words or stars to say whether or not a particular merchant is reputable. Users who score well get tempting rewards.

Search Option

A comprehensive, feature-rich, and effective search engine that enables consumers to quickly look for their favorite NFTs about music, video pictures, art memes, gaming characters, and much more is required for the NFT marketplace.

Listing Status

Each participant in the NFT marketplace transaction requires knowledge of the process. The market will let buyers and sellers know how many people have viewed the file overall and how many bids have been made during an auction.

Oodles can Help you with NFT Marketplace Development

The NFT market is expanding, and new profitable ventures are continuously emerging. Every business still has a chance to develop a differentiating feature and develop into a major force in its industry. NFT developers at Oodles have experience creating decentralized apps on the blockchain, and it offers a range of professional consulting and development services to assist you in putting an effective NFT marketplace in place

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Oodles Blockchain
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